Associate Professor, Nursing
Family Research Scholar 2012-13

Karen Kalmakis is currently studying the relationship between a history of adverse childhood experiences and the neurobiological stress response among young adults. During her year as a Family Research Scholar, Dr. Kalmakis will develop a grant proposal for the project entitled, “Exploring the role of socio-environmental and demographic influences on the stress process.” This project is focused on the impact that adverse childhood experiences,  socioeconomic status, and individual demographics have on the coping strategies that are part of the stress process. Dr. Kalmakis’ research will expand the current stress literature by  examining how both socio-environmental and demographic variables may influence coping strategies and thereby modify the neurobiological stress response. The research will also provide knowledge about the impact of coping strategies (effective and ineffective) on allostatic load. The results of this research may be used to assist young adult patients more effectively cope with stress and avoid negative health outcomes.

CRF Grants:

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