Methodological Studies Grant 2010

Judy Tan is an NIMH institutional research fellow working on several studies pertaining to her research interests in social and health inequality; the psychological experience and social outcomes of stigmatized group members; and HIV/AIDS interventions with minority populations. Her dissertation is on developing an ecological model of HIV risk-behavior among ethnic minority men. Currently, Ms. Tan is completing a meta-analysis on the efficacy of HIV/AIDS in-terventions in developing Asian nations. Her Masters thesis examined the psychological and behavioral outcomes of identity denial and the interpersonal processes involved in social invisibility among stigmatized individuals. As related to her research interests in intergroup relations, she is also completing a study on majority group members'perceptions of ethnic minority group members who make public versus private attributions to discrimination. She has also collaborated with researchers at Fenway Community Health Center in Boston. This Methdological Studies Award provides non-UMass students free tuition towards attending a CRF methodological workshop this summer on campus.

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