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Associate Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Faculty Development)
Associate Professor, Sociology
Family Research Scholar 2006-07

A social demographer with an emphasis on race and ethnic stratification, family formation patterns and immigration, Lundquist evaluates racial disparities along a variety of demographic outcomes, including marriage, family stability, fertility and health. Her work in this area extends to an exploration of the neighborhood effects of residential segregation as well as a re-evaluation of race relations from a social contact

hypothesis perspective. Lundquist's research also seeks to uncover the relationship between U.S. community racial segregation and racial disparities. She also explores the socioeconomic similarities and differences between white and black women who are childless, mothers of only children, and mothers of two or more children. 

CRF Grants:
National Science Foundation

“Race Disparities in Infant Mortality: An Investigation of Infant Outcomes in the Military”

Grant Status: Past
Jennifer Lundquist