Steering Committee

Professor, Psychology
Family Research Scholar 2003-04, 2014-2015
Steering Committee

David Arnold's research evaluates community partnership programs designed to foster disadvantaged young children's preliteracy development and academic engagement, while reducing behavior problems and promoting positive relationships with parents and teachers.

His programs include both parents and teachers because of evidence that multiple intervention points produce stronger effects. Dr. Arnold's research predicts that academic development will be improved by interventions that include a focus on both academic and behavior problems, preventing a negative cycle of academic problems leading to behavioral difficulties, which in turn cause increased learning problems. Dr. Arnold's research program has built collaborative networks among his research team, schools, and parents in primarily minority communities, thus findings from his program will have policy implications for these underserved populations. This research was chosen by the National Academy of Science's Board on Children, Youth and Families as one of 6 most likely to influence public policy in the 21st century. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and he was awarded a highly competitive 5-year Young Scholars Faculty Fellowship from the William T. Grant Foundation. He was also selected as a recipient of the Frontiers Award for ground-breaking research by the National Research Council.

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David Arnold