Associate Professor, Political Science & Public Policy
Family Research Scholar 2006-07
Steering Committee
Early Childhood Group

Brenda Bushouse's  research interests include early childhood policy, nonprofit governance, and policymaking processes. In her 2009 book, Universal Preschool: Policy Change, Stability, and the Pew Charitable Trusts, she analyzed the creation of state-funded preschool programs in six states and explored the impact of foundation funding in state policymaking processes.  In 2008, she was hosted by the New Zealand Ministry of Education through an Ian Axford Fellowship in Public Policy to study early childhood policy in New Zealand, which led to the publication of Early Childhood Education Policy in Aotearroa/New Zealand: The Creation of the 20 Hours (Free) Program (2008).  She is currently exploring the use of network methodologies to understand how nonprofit organizations elevate policy ideas.



CRF Grants:
Ian Axford Fellowship

Early Education in New Zealand: The Creation and Implementation of the 20 Hours Free Programme

Grant Status: Past
Brenda Bushouse