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Benefits of Membership in UMass Amherst Family Business Center

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Membership Activities and Benefits
"It's what we learn after we know it all that really counts"

Participation in the Full Series of Six Dinner Forums

through the year for all family members in the business. Where the topic is relevant, family not in the business is invited to the meeting. Other topics might be appropriate for a non-family, key employee. The maximum value of membership in the program is reached when all relevant parties partake of our interactive learning environment.

Roundtable Discussion Groups

The UMass Amherst Family Business Center offers the opportunity for members to participate in peer roundtable discussions. Presidents and Key Managers meet 9 times annually in an informal, facilitated "affinity group" with others in your same position in the family business . These discussion groups are a member benefit for a small extra charge ($200 per person per member year); they offer a practical, confidential and intimate forum that you may view as your outside board of advisors on both family and business issues.

Opportunity to Network and Confer

with intimacy and confidentiality with business owning family members, with speakers who are leaders in the field of family business consulting, and non-commercial contact with the center's sponsors, representing the fields of law, insurance, banking, and accounting. This interaction will be invaluable in providing a sounding board, a second opinion, an empathic and experienced listener, and honest and direct feedback for the family business member.

Develop the Skills to Strengthen and Expand your Business

In our quest to help you "treat your business like a business," we will be regularly offering presentations to improve your skills in such areas as market analysis, budgeting, money management, financing, managing growth, understanding and using financial statements. Topics will be chosen according to the needs of the membership, and taught by Lyne Kendall, Senior Business/ Financial Consultant for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, who has been a vital contributor to the thinking of many local entrepreneurs, and understands what business owners need to understand.

Take a Strategic Snapshot of your Company

Member companies are invited to spend a couple of hours in a facilitated discussion with the center's director, Ira Bryck, participating in a SWOT Analysis of your company. Brainstorm and examine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and consider what policies, procedures, initiatives and damage control should be implemented. This session will leave your family members (and key non family managers) better positioned for growth, with increased immunity and tools to deal with what ails you and confronts you.


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