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Welcome from Ira Bryck, director of the UMass Family Business Center

Ira interviews Charlie Epstein on how to create "Paychecks for Life"

Webinar presented by Ira Bryck for Farm Credit East

Ira Bryck describes a simple process to get several smart people solving your problems, while auditioning them as prospects for your board of directors or advisors

Ira Bryck interviews Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, on their perspectives on leadership. William Sommerfield as George Washington; Jim Getty as Abraham Lincoln; Ira Bryck as himself.

Video commercial for Ira Bryck's play Perils of Pauline's Family Business performed in Mexico

Perils of Pauline's Family Business, by Ira Bryck, performed at Wisconsin Family Business Center

Perils of Pauline's Family Business, in 1997, at International Family Business Program Association

Perils of Pauline's Family Business, performed in Spanish

reception for our play in Mallorca, Spain:

Ira Bryck interviews Bill McClure, Executive Director of UMass Amherst Continuing & Professional Education, an Education Partner of the UMass Family Business Center

Dr Joy Browne speaks at the UMass Family Business Center

Tough Nut to Crack , Ira Bryck's semi autobiographical play, on You Tube

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (the musical version with original cast) by Ira Bryck and Erik Muten; performed in 1998 in Northampton, Mass

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, by Ira Bryck and Erik Muten, performed in 2012 at Wisconsin Family Business Forum (this version not as a musical) - more about our plays here

Ira Bryck interviews Ross and Rick Giombetti of Giombetti Associates

Ira Bryck interviews Ina and Ronnie Denburg, copreneurs, inventors of Cane Stay

Panel discussion: Ira Bryck interviews 3 top notch HR directors

Ira Bryck, interviewed on "Our Town" show on Ludlow Cable TV

Ira Bryck is interviewed by "Motown Man" Benny Johnson (aka Benny the Bucket Man) on Amherst Media (ACTV), March 2012

contact Ira Bryck for more info at 413 545 4545


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