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Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions

LSL 6th floor fire suppression

ID #: 4087 Start Date: 9/18/19 07:00 am Ends: 9/18/19 11:00 am

6th floor fire suppression must be valved off to modify sprinkler head above autoclave in room S640A

WT#: 1007718
not required -
Fire Alarms/Suppression
Proj Manager: Henry Merriman
Phone: 413-577-1722
Dept/Shop: DCM

Morrill I Elevator

ID #: 3825 Start Date: 6/24/19 07:00 am Ends: 10/24/19 04:00 pm

Complete replacement of the Morrill I elevator and machinery, etc.

WT#: Morrill Complex Elevator Replacement UMA 1006501
None Required - None required
Elevator service in Morrill I Elevators
Proj Manager: Steve Lobik
Phone: 413-326-1651
Dept/Shop: DCM