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Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions

Berkshire DC, Cance, Pierpont, Moore

ID #: 2,277 Start Date: 5/16/18 06:00 am Ends: 8/24/18 04:30 am

The steam and condensate steam laterals into Pierpont and Cance are scheduled to be replaced. The steam and condensate will be secured in SW#2 which will secure the steam to those 4 buildings.

Residential and Auxilliary plumbers - Secure hot water heaters and condensate rec'r for shutdown and start units when steam is turned on.
Steam - high- Steam - low Heat- Water - hot
Proj Manager: Thomas Fydenkevez
Phone: 413-230-2143
Dept/Shop: PP

Hills House

ID #: 1,805 Start Date: 10/26/17 08:00 am Ends: 10/27/18 03:00 pm

Shut off water services in preparation to demolish Hills House.

WT#: 17-100933216
Physical Plant Utility - turn water valves to shut down water services to Hills House.
Proj Manager: Jason Venditti
Phone: 413-326-1661
Dept/Shop: DCM

ISOM, Alfond and Mahar

ID #: 2,535 Start Date: 6/13/18 07:00 am Ends: 8/29/18 07:00 am

Steam shut down to allow for changing of valves and to reduce the working temperature within room 133

WT#: 18-100982395
Utilities - Witness B-G Mechanical shutting off steam valve where steam enters ISOM room 133.
Steam - low Heat
Proj Manager: Jeffrey Quackenbush
Phone: 326-1644
Dept/Shop: DCM


ID #: 2,727 Start Date: 8/6/18 08:00 am Ends: 9/28/18 05:00 pm

B2Q Associates and Cornerstone Commissioning are performing a retro-commissioning study of LSL South. Through this study, functional performance testing of mechanical systems will take place and equipment will be temporarily shut down to test startup/shutdown sequences as well as safeties. This interruption request covers Exhaust Fans 3.1 A-D and AHUs 1-7, 1-8, 1-9, 1-10, 3.1, 3.2, 4.1 and pressurization fans. Any shutdowns will be short in nature and AHUs/Exhaust Fans will not be shut down together; i.e. one at a time. Additional project contact: Brian Adams (603)496-8250 Cornerstone Commissioning.

Air Conditioning- Controls System- Heat- Ventilation
Proj Manager: Brad Newell
Phone: 6037033932
Dept/Shop: B2Q Associates