UMass Amherst Campus
Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions


ID #: 4600 Start Date: 1/20/20 08:00 am Ends: 1/21/20 04:00 pm


Shop Assisting / Action: NONE / NONE
Egress Elevators
Proj Manager: Donald Chapdelaine
Phone: 545-4813
Dept/Shop: PP

Whitmore Administration Building

ID #: 4590 Start Date: 1/20/20 05:00 pm Ends: 1/24/20 06:00 am

Remove 10 existing air mixing boxes on the second floor in preparation for their replacement.

WT#: 20-200454829
Shop Assisting / Action: Controls / Shutdown supply and return air units serving the entire building, turn same back on each morning. This shutdown encompasses 4 nights (1/20-1/23), system goes back on each morning at 6AM. Monitor systems during shutdown. Thank you.
HVAC Air Conditioning- Heat
Proj Manager: Steve Lobik
Phone: 413-326-1651
Dept/Shop: DCM