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Current Service Interruptions

Current Service Interruptions

Hasbrouck - North

ID #: 2985 Start Date: 11/20/18 07:00 am Ends: 11/20/08 12:00 pm

Emergency shut down of domestic water to cut in a new hydrant. Work needs to be completed asap due to weather and ability to minimize disruption to occupants during Thanksgiving break.

WT#: Utilities, Hasbrouck Utility Corridor Upgrade
Physical Plant Mechanical Utilities - Shut down water service to Hasbrouck at North Pleasant Street
Water Water - cold- Water - hot
Proj Manager: C. Kim Jaworski-Bruschi
Phone: 413-345-8020
Dept/Shop: DCM

LSL Fire suppression sprinkler system 6th floor

ID #: 3231 Start Date: 2/18/19 06:00 am Ends: 7/1/19 12:30 pm

Existing Fire Sprinkler heads and pipe to be demolished at sixth floor room S650 necessary for new construction fit-out of floor shell space.

WT#: 1007718
not required -
Fire Alarms/Suppression
Proj Manager: Henry Merriman
Phone: 577-1722
Dept/Shop: DCM

Morrill II Elevator

ID #: 3261 Start Date: 2/22/19 08:00 am Ends: 6/21/19 04:00 pm

Shutdown Morrill II elevator to allow for the demolition and complete replacement of machinery, controller and elevator cab and doors.

WT#: Morrill Complex Elevator Replacement Project
Elevator Elevators
Proj Manager: Steve Lobik
Phone: 413-326-1651
Dept/Shop: DCM