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The Center for Women and Community

Our Services

Workshops for Teens

Gender role construction and gender stereotypes
Teen dating violence
Power and control in relationships
Bullying and sexual harassment
Building healthy relationships
Masculinity and the impact of a culture of violence
Taking action against violence
How to be an ally against sexual violence
Trauma associated with sexual violence

Workshops for Teachers and Staff

Why/how to talk to teens about sexual violence
How to support students in the classroom
Issues related to violence such as bullying
How to respond to disclosures
Sexual harassment

Interactive Educational Events

The "Teen Clothesline Project" is a display of T-shirts created by teens in the Pioneer Valley who have been affected by violence in their lives. Please visit the Teen Specialized Services page for further information.
"Healing the Wounded Heart" is a display of wooden hearts created by local community women expressing their thoughts and feelings about sexual violence and relationship abuse. This display allow teens to hear the voices of others as well as voice their own thoughts and feelings by creating new pieces to add to the display.
Movies, discussions, and other creative, interactive events. Please contact us to further explore what kind of event might meet your needs.

Educational Support

We offer discussion groups and information sessions before and/or after events that educate on issues of violence. If your organization is planning to show a film, bring in/attend a theater performance, or present a panel on sexual violence, abuse, rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, or incest, feel free to call us to discuss options for educational support.