UMass Amherst Center for Women & Community

The Center for Women and Community

Our Mission

The Teen Education Specialist at Center for Women and Community offers education services addressing issues of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence, bullying, and sexism to area schools, after school programs, local teen organizations, and local agencies that serve adolescents. We provide workshops, trainings, facilitated discussions and other educational services for teenagers, teachers and staff designed to meet the specific needs of any school or organization. Teen Education Services strives to empower young people to work towards staying safe, supporting one another, and promoting peaceful interactions.

We are a non-profit community organization that offers free education services addressing issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and hate crimes to local area schools and organizations that service youth aged 12-19. We work to empower young people by increasing their knowledge of violence; supporting awareness that violence is not healthy, teaching how to respond when violence is suspected, coaching how to support friends and family who may be experiencing violence, and increasing their capacity to identify resources for help and support.

We aim to support young people in learning how to build healthy relationships and avoid violence in their lives. We particularly seek to educate young people about relationship abuse, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and other forms of physical, psychological, and emotional abuse. We provide services to teenagers as well as the teachers and other staff who work with them. We are willing to design educational services to meet the specific needs of your school or organization.