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got consent?

consent quotes from umass students:

“Consent to us is the ultimate expression of appreciation and respect. The consent between us has been an important part of creating a stable and healthy relationship.”

“Consent means my willingness to agree and participate in an activity. This means I haven’t had any outside pressure to conform to anyone’s standards but my own.”

“Consent is not a one-sided decision made by one party. In my eyes, consent is not permission for someone to do something or make decisions for me, but rather a decision to do something together.”

“Consent is ‘yes,’ out loud, coming from a man or woman who is mentally able to say yes. Consent means common sense: yes is yes, no is no.”

“Consent is extremely important. It is about respect and basic dignity towards others and yourself.”

“Consent is agreeing, accepting, and giving permission for anything that concerns you.”

“Consent means having agency, having control, and the ability to protect my own space. It means having what’s mine respected by someone else. No is a complete sentence.”