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CWC on The Road

Bringing Our Services to YOU!

What is "On The Road"?

‘OTR’ offers instant CWC services, referrals and information, to the campus’s faculty, staff, students and community in alternate places around the UMass Amherst campus. While offering services in public spaces, we are mindful of the confidential nature of our services and refer students to our office if needed.

Where can you find us?

In the past, “OTR” services have been offered in: the dining commons, Bartlett Hall, Field Residence Hall, Whitmore Administration, and many other locations.

On The Road Facts

  • OTR services are offered by our trained Information and Referral Specialists
  • We’ve offered OTR services since 2007
  • We offer OTR services to over 100 students each semester
  • We are OTR about 2 hours/week.
  • In response to research on today’s college student, we found it necessary to implement new methods to reach students.
  • Unlike tabling, we do not approach students. We are available for student to approach us.