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Making a Difference

Offering specialized training, support groups, workshops, events, counseling, online services, and more, we make a difference in our community.

What's Happening

Spring Workshop Series!


Join the Center for Women & Community for our 2014 Spring Workshop Series. Our Community Education Services and Women of Color Leadership Network have come together to provide opportunities to discuss and build skills around topics such as sexual violence, body image, privilege, and consent. This series is focused around the concept of Bystander Intervention, which provides concrete skills and tools for responding to a wide range of inequalities and harmful behaviors. Participants who attend a workshop will receive fun giveaways; additional recognition will be given to individuals who attend multiple workshops.
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  • Upcoming Events
    *4/15/14 Start Smart: Salary Negotiation Skills for Women

    *4/16/14 No Blurred Lines: Getting Clear Consent

    *4/22/14 Breaking Down Rape Culture
  • Current Support Groups
    *Expression Through Movement & Art for Survivors of Sexual Violence

    *Mindfulness and Mood: Empowerment Skills for Women

    *Latina Women’s Discussion Groups

    *Support Connect Heal: Healing for Survivors of Sexual Violence

    *Women in Academia: Surviving the Dissertation

We are Hiring! Volunteer / Intern / Work Study / Student Hourly

Now accepting applications! All positions are available to undergraduates, graduates, and community members and will start Fall 2014.

We provide extensive training in a supportive, personal atmosphere. Please call us at 413.545.0883 for more information.

In the News

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A story about sexual assaults in college campuses features an interview with Becky Lockwood, associate director of the Center for Women and Community, and students Megan Deary and Rachael Gaughan. The report also features a recent public service message about consent from the university targeting students. (WWLP-TV [video], 11/13/13; News Office assistance)

Federal Grant will help UMASS strengthen education about sexual violence

Northampton Police launch new civilian advocate program to help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault

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