Minuteman Winter Baseball Clinic (Pitcher/Catcher & Infielder/Outfielder)

Event Details

January 18, 2014
11:00 am-3:00 pm

Boyden Gymnasium

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available

Baseball clinic for rising high school juniors and seniors. The UMass coaching staff will be directing and evaluating the Clinic. This will be a great opportunity for you pick up some valuable pointers and to show off your baseball skills.

Pitchers workout:
* Mechanics (Drills)
* Pitching Sequence 
* Pitchers Fielding Practice
* Presentation of Conditioning Circuit

Catchers workout:
* Proper Throwing, Receiving and Blocking Techniques & Drills
* Hitting (Drills & Batting Practice)
* Baserunning & 40 Yard Dash

Infielders and Outfielders workout: 
* Hitting (Hitting tech, Circuit & Batting Practice)
* Fielding (Tech. Drills, ground balls & fly balls)
* Throwing (Drills & Proper Mechanics)
* Baserunning (Practice & 40 yard Dash)

Each player must bring his own baseball equipment. Players should bring a glove, bat, cleats/spikes, running shoes or turf shoes, hat, and any other equipment they feel necessary to compete. Catchers must bring their own gear.