Free Video Lounge: Soil Science Series

Event Details

October 13—October 16, 2013

Campus Center

Room: Reading Room

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Free admission
Karen Ribeiro

The Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative is hosting a Video Lounge in the Reading Room of the Campus Center at UMass Amherst – free and open to the public - during the 2013 USBI North American Biochar Symposium.

TED Talks, feature films and a variety of carefully selected YouTube videos will run Monday and Tuesday from 9am until 9pm and Wednesday from 9am until 3pm, October 14-16. A feature film will also be presented Sunday October 13th at 7pm

Video is one of the most powerful educational mediums of our time and because biochar is not yet a substance widely understood and used, the Pioneer Valley Biochar Initiative in Belchertown wants to cultivate as many biochar enthusiasts in our local community and beyond as possible.

Anyone interested in soil will be enriched through the Video Lounge. And anyone who wants to grow nutritious food, sink carbon in the soil, or utilize the filtration and remineralization properties of biochar will benefit from this educational event.

This series will feature how farmers, gardeners and landscapers are using biochar to sustain soil and plant health, waste management, how biochar is safely produced in small and large devices, and how biochar can remove toxins from drinking water and eco systems threatened by pollution.

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