Exhibition: Terry Rooney - Beneath the Surface

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February 23—March 16, 2014, Sundays 2:00 pm-5:00 pm
February 25—March 9, 2014, Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri 1:00 pm-6:00 pm

Hampden Gallery

UMass Amherst Campus

Handicap access available
Free admission
Anne Seuthe

In trying times, it’s not uncommon for people to look for signs in nature to guide us to a better place, or, perhaps, to lead us in the right direction. And then there are times when we don’t go looking for these signs….There are the times when they come to us of their own volition and at just the right time. Artist Terry Rooney knows precisely what that is like. She explains: “On a meditation retreat, while rowing with my husband on a clear mountain lake, we were graced with a visit by a huge snapper turtle crossing our path. This encounter lifted my spirits after a period of darkness in my life. It took ten years before that turtle appeared in my artwork, but these images bring peace, grace and light into my life and work.”

In this solo exhibition of mono-prints, viewers will be treated to Rooney’s images through her deft handling of opaque and transparent layers of inks which reveal her roots as a painter.  Rooney’s visual narrative is open-ended and may come as a pleasant surprise to art aficionados who are more familiar with Rooney’s work concerning the Statue of Liberty. For area artists and art lovers this exhibition will provide an opportunity to appreciate Rooney’s series that plays both literally and metaphorically with the notion of what lies “beneath the surface”.

Terry Rooney has exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her work was  featured at the inaugural exhibition at the Livingston Gallery, Brooklyn, New York. Terry Rooney is also an accomplished independent curator whose recent endeavors include the Amherst Biannual, Wonderland, and Pioneer Women (which premiered in New York City).

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Art Exhibit