Data Sharing and Data Access and Re-use Panel

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October 25, 2013
12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Library, W.E.B. Du Bois

Room: 2601

UMass Amherst Campus

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Marilyn Billings

Access to existing research data is fundamental to the research process. A panel of researchers will talk about the ways they use the data gathered by others, and the obstacles to data access and re-use.

• Thomas Herndon, Graduate Student in Economics. His work “sparked an academic and political firestorm over one of the most famous economic papers in decades, and over whether austerity or stimulus is the best route to long-
term prosperity,” according to The Boston Globe.

• Irene Boeckmann, Graduate Student in Sociology.  Boeckmann is a PhD candidate in the Sociology department. Her research interests include gender, parenthood, labor market stratification, social policies and welfare states, and cross-nationally comparative analyses. Currently, she is working on her dissertation examining the employment patterns of women after the transition to motherhood from a comparative perspective. She works with Professors Joya Misra and Michelle Budig on their research project studying the relationship between women’s employment outcomes and work-family policies across 22 countries in Europe, North America and Australia.

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Conference/Seminar Library