Welcome! You have reached the home page for the Department of Anthropology's Field Program in European Studies. Here you will find information about the program and eligibility, affiliated faculty, past and present participants, and other related activities we carry out.

The Field Program in European Studies was created in 1969-1970 and is unique in the country. Its primary goals are to encourage the anthropological study of European societies broadly conceived and to provide students with an opportunity to learn fieldwork techniques, research design, grant writing, and data analysis in a supervised setting.

This three-course program is ideal for beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates. By launching themselves early and intensively into guided field research, students gain international research experience as well as valuable grant writing skills that make them more successful in advanced graduate research in anthropology as well as other related professional careers.

Participation is open to students in all subfields of anthropology and other disciplines. We encourage innovative and timely research projects of all kinds. See participants and publications for an idea of some of our recent student projects.

We also host a Distinguished Lecture in European Studies every Fall that brings well-known scholars to the University campus and a Graduate Student Conference in the Anthropology of Europe in the Spring.

2007 GAAE Conference:
Readings by Uli Linke
1. Uli Linke Contact_Zones-scanned.pdf
2. Uli Linke-touching_corpse-05.pdf

For more information contact:

Dr. Jackie Urla, Director