Graduate Association for the Anthropology of Europe (GAAE) Annual Conference

Eurovisions: Crossing Disciplines, Crossing Boundaries

Friday May 13-14, 2005, Herter Hall 601

Anthropology graduate students at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst invite the five College Community to participate in its second annual conference on emerging scholarship on Europe. We welcome the opportunity for productive cross-discilplinary exchanges with other departments and programs in the University and the Five College community. Historically, Europe has been a central site of research for both UMass students and faculty in the anthropology department. Last year's conference was successful in bringing together, and into conversation, the diversity of research taking place in the disciplines subfields, specifically in cultural, linguistic, archaeological, and biological anthropology. This year's conference takes up where that conversation left off by expressly seeking to cross disciplinary boundaries by including the broader University and Five College Community of scholars, both graduate students and faculty, who do their research in or on Europe.

We envision this conference as an opportunity to explore the implications, challenges, as well as the relevance of contemporary cultural and historical research in Europe. As European identities and polities continue to fracture and consolidate, interdisciplinary and academic cross-pollination are crucial for contemporary research in/on Europe to be meaningful. We present papers and panels from diverse disciplines, including Anthropology, Classics, Comparative Literature, European Studies, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The GAAE also welcomes papers on a wide range of topics, including: (trans)nationalism and immigration, citizenship, violence and conflict, history and memory, race, borderlands, policy, governance, language issues, religion, representation, ethnicity, health and reproduction.

Please join us for this exciting two-day conference. For more information on papers, panels and presenters, please see our conference schedule below:

The Graduate Association for the Anthropology of Europe in collaboration with the Modern European Studies Program presents:


Crossing Disciplines, Crossing Boundaries May 13 th – May 14 th , 2005 in Herter 601


9:00 – 9:30 Light refreshments

9:30 – 11:00 Keynote speaker Donald Carter, Johns Hopkins University

Navigating Diaspora: Shipwrecks, Identity and the Nation State.

Comment by Rosetta Caponetto, University of Connecticut .

11:15 – 12:45
Panel 1: Discourses of Citizenship, Nation, and Race

Flavia Stanley: On the making and marking of difference: immigration, citizenship and “new” racism in Italy .

Angelina Zontine: Hard to reach, hard to include: health policy media and cultural racism in London , England .

Milena Marchesi: Citizen Embryos and "Clandestine" Immigrants: Technologies of National Re-Production in Italy.

Thomas Taaffe: Producing the State? News Production and the Failure of Nation-State Building in Northern Ireland .

Discussant Joshua H. Roth, Anthropology Mt. Holyoke .

12:45 – 2:45 – Lunch break

2:45 – 4:15
Panel 2: Challenging European Identity

Oriol Pi-Sunyer: Fatima and the veil of woes.

Tilman Lanz: The Emergence of a European Islam.

Sarah Wagner: Memory and the Identification of Srebrenica's Missing.

Leyla Keough: 'Motherhood' and 'Social Order' in Post-Soviet Moldova: Representations of and by female Gagauz Moldovan labor migrants.

Discussant: Lisa Henderson, Dept. of Communication. UMass

4:15 – 5:45

Panel 3: Performing European Identities

Cecilia Rodrigues: “Todo Sobre Mi Madre” y “Familia”: Metalanguage and the question of “the Family” .

Florence Feiereisen : Poetry! Slam! -  Literature performances in contemporary Germany .

Tobias Nagl: Race, (Post-)Colonialism and the Culture of Defeat in Weimar Cinema.

Lisa Modenos: Donkeys, Borders, and the Performance of National Identity in Cyprus .

Discussant: Susan Cocalis, Germanic Language and Literature, UMass


9:00 – 9:30 Light refreshments

9:30 – 11:00

Panel 4: Spatiality in a German Context

Christopher Sweetapple: A spatial reading of queer Turks in Berlin.

Allison Behling: The Germanness of the Schrebergärten: Where “Nature” and “Order” Converge.

Maria Stehle: Deutsche Wohnzimmer:  Politics of Representation and Order in the West German Living Room.

Alexandra Merley: School Reform as Space Reform?  The Attempt to Create an Anti-Authoritarian Classroom in the German School Reform of the 1970s.

Discussant: Beverley Weber, Comparative Literature & Women's Studies, UMass.

11:15 – 12:45

Panel 5: Language, Ideology, and Education

Carla Hammar: “The normal language”: Language, politics, and education in Spain .

Gladys Jian: Language Ideologies in and beyond the Chinese Language Schools in London .

Kyle Frackman: There is a Time and a Place for Everything: Logics of Textual Time-Space.

Caroline Dothee: From Dutch-speaking City to Multilingual Capital of Europe: Brussels ' Extraordinary Linguistic Metamorphosis.

Discussant David Samuels, Anthropology, UMass.

12:45 – 2:00 Lunch break

2:00 – 3:30

Panel 6: Identity, Representation, and History

Anne Hector: Representations of the GDR and cultural identity in Post-Wende literature.

James Patterson: Questions of Greek Identity from Antiquity to the Modern Period.

Walter Crist: Players and Prayers in Bronze Age Cyprus : The Egyptian Games of Senet, Mehen and Tchaou.

Axel Hildebrandt: Germany and Eastern Europe in Christoph Hein's Novel “Willenbrock.”

Discussant Andrew Lass, Anthropology, Mt. Holyoke .

3:45 – 5:45

Wrap up session with Dr. Jacqueline Urla, Department of Anthropology, UMass.
On the implications and promises of interdisciplinary research in Europe . (Open to all).

Light refreshments will be served throughout the conference.

Sponsored by the Vice Provost for Research; Dean of the Graduate School; STPEC; Classics Departmen UMasst; European Field Studies Program.