-Anthony Tuck


In February this year, members of the Vignale Archaeological Project, Yvonne Backe-Forsberg, Richard Holmberg, and Ingela Wiman, conducted a survey on the Vignale hill, southeast of San Giovenale. They were attempting to determine the dimensions of a building whose stone foundation was discovered during excavations in 1960 together with a pit containing, inter alia, fragments of ceramic with inscriptions. The investigators identified the tufa blocks of the structure, which were heavily damaged by ploughing, but did not succeed in finding the foundation of the building]. However, the team recovered two skyphoi bottoms, one with an inscription that Professor Giovanna Colonna tentatively interpreted as ai, ‘to the gods’. They also identified an old road with heavy substructures that once led from San Giovenale over a bridge to the Vignale hill from the north and three rock-cut tombs on the southern part of the Vignale hill. Project members plan to start fieldwork, if permitted, in the summer 2007 and will look for five other, previously identified but never excavated, pits around the ceremonial structure described above.


The Website Eleganetruria is carrying a brief news item announcing the discovery of an Etruscan Temple near Vetralla in northern Lazio. To read the announcement go to the URL and click on the link 'Itineraries'.