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Special Activities
  • ESL Program Class Participant/Observers
    Those interested in visiting an ESL Program class are invited to do so by contacting the course instructor or the ESL Program office. As Participant/Observers, class visitors are asked to take active roles in class discussions and activities.
    The purpose of class visits may be to fulfill a course requirement or just to learn about second language teaching and learning.
    Many graduate students, from departments such as Education, Linguistics, and English, have been Participant/Observers. Visiting scholars have also participated.
    If you wish to attend a class, please email:, and put the instructor's name in the subject line.

  • Living Routes
    The ESL Program at UMass Amherst provides faculty sponsorship of ESL courses for The Living Routes (Ecovillage Education) Study Abroad Program. Students take these courses overseas in countries such as Senegal. The courses offer UMass credits. One example of such a course is "Conversational English and West African Literature." For more information, please contact Daniel Greenberg, Exectutive Director.
  • Teachers Against Prejudice(TAP)
    The ESL Program at UMass Amherst is supportive of this worldwide organization. As a nonprofit organization that promotes"understanding,respect,and acceptance of all people," TAP regularly presents its findings to the United Nations. Tap's mission is "to work with students and educators from elementary school to college on issues dealing with prejudice and discrimination through the critical exploration and examination of television, film and the media". For more information, please contact Elise Klein, President of TAP.
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