ESL Speaking and Writing Center

Internships for Tutors

Qualified undergraduate students may apply for semester long internships, for which they earn independent study credits. Intern receive specialized training and guidance throughout the semester.
Their duties include tutoring students enrolled in ESL Program courses in academic writing and speaking as well as in International Teacher Training.
Interns also conduct directed research related to second language learning and intercultural studies.
Interested applicants may apply by indicating their interest in an e-mail to

Students Who Want Help with their English

Nonnative speakers of English who are enrolled in ESL Program courses are eligible to receive tutoring for ESL Program courses or any other university course. Interns are trained to provide guidance for second language writing and speaking. In this way, students can be better prepared for the writing assignments they must produce and for the oral presentations they must give.

Interested student should contact the ESL Program by e-mail:

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