About the new International Teaching Assistant Courses

Undergraduate native speakers of English who want to do well in their academic courses expect to have teachers with excellent communication skills. This expectation held by undergraduate students also holds true if their teachers are International Teaching Assistants (ITAs). Similarly, graduate non-native speakers of English who have come from countries in which English is not the medium of instruction and who have been assigned to teach university courses have high expectations. These ITAs expect to develop their communication skills in English in order to be successful teachers and professionals after leaving the University. The expectations of both the undergraduate native English speakers and the graduate non-native English-speaking ITAS are made the basis for these courses.

The ESL Program's oral communication courses complement the training provided by the Foreign Teaching Assistant Training directed by Myrna Cronen of program, the Language, Speech, and Hearing Center.

ESL 125 Oral Communication promotes academic speacking and listening proficiency by improving pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation. The course draws upon second language acquistion principles of monitoring transfer from the first language and the promotion of a constantly changing interlanguage to help students achieve an expert level of second language proficiency.

With the support of the Center of Teaching Facultu grants, the ESL Program offers two elective courses designed to promote the language and intercultural communication skills needed for teaching in undergraduate classrooms.

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