"Developing and Implementing English for Special Purposes Course: English for Medical and Health Professionals to Fulfill the Gen-ed U (U.S. Diversity) Requirement for Undergraduate Students" proposes a new course that non-native English speaking future nurses, doctors, and other health professionals with improved professional English language skills. It examines cross-cultural influences on how language is used in real-life situations, such as clinical settings. Based on Intercultural Studies, the course provides guidelines for addressing the implications of race, gender, and class differences between healthcare provider and patient. Informed by Second Language Acquisition and Corpus Linguistics computer research findings, the course not only focuses on speaking and listening, but it also develops reading and writing within the context of typical workplace activities.

Small Grant in Support of Diversity Education - General Education Council and Center of Teaching


"Teaching Grammar and Writing at the Upper Levels of English Language Proficiency to Non-native Speakers of English" proposes for the creation of two new course electives for upper division non- native English speaking undergraduates, International Teaching Assistants, and graduate students. To move from the advanced to the superior level of academic English language proficiency, students are to acquire second language grammar and writing competencies applied to their individual contexts: 1) the learning demands of Jr Yr Writing and undergraduate Gen Ed courses 2) the teaching demands on International Teaching Assistants and 3) the learning demands of courses for foreign graduate students.

Center of Teaching Faculty Grant awarded to Ingrid Holm.


“Making Better Teachers at UMass Amherst: Creating an Academic Training Program for International Teaching Assistants (ITAs)” proposes the creation of two new courses ESL 290C Conversation Strategies in the Classroom (3 credits) and ESL 290D Speaking Strategies for Presentations and Discussion (3 credits) to be developed by the ESL Program. The goals are for ITAs to enhance their linguistic and intercultural knowledge within the communicative context of the university classroom and to refine their language-teaching skills. In becoming more confident and capable teachers, ITAs will interact and communicate more successfully with undergraduate students at the University.

Center of Teaching Faculty Grant awarded to Ingrid Holm.