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Video Lending Library

The EO&D Office has a collection of informative videos about equal opportunity and diversity issues which we use in training sessions and workshops. We also encourage departments and offices, or any interested individual in the University community to borrow these educational videos. Please call (413) 545-3464 or email eod@admin.umass.edu for more information.

Media Resource List

Topic: Sexual Harassment

  • Intent vs. Impact: Sexual Harassment
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Shared Responsibility (BNA Communications, 13:25 min.)
  • Fair Employment Practice: Preventing Sexual Harassment (BNA Communications, 24:00 min.)

Topic: ADA

  • The ADA: New Access to the Workplace
  • Breaking the Attitude Barrier: Learning to Value People with Disabilities
  • Reasonable Accommodations of the Enabling Kind
  • Close Encounters of the Disabling Kind
  • (Dis)Ability Awareness

Topic: Diversity Issues

  • Valuing Diversity: You Make the Difference (Copeland-Griggs Productions, 1990)
  • Valuing Diversity: Supervising Differences (Copeland-Griggs Productions, 1990)
  • Series: Bridges Program (BNA Communications, Videos 3-8)
      The Man in the Middle (27:00 min.)
      The Choice I Made (24:00 min.)
      Come One, Come All (22:00 min.)
      The Other Side of the Coin (20:00 min.)
      Drawing the Line (22:00 min.)
      You Know What I Mean
      (22:00 min.)
    • Series: Black Issues in Higher Education (20:00 min. each) 

    We Can Get Along: A Blueprint for Campus Unity
    Recruiting and Retaining Minority Students, Faculty & Administrators:
    Strategies for the 90's
    The Rise in Campus Racism: Causes and Solutions
    Enhancing Race Relations on Campus: New Challenges and Opportunities
    Diversity in Higher Education: Can We Meet the Challenge?


  • Series: RACISM: The Problem and the Response (UMass Amherst Forum on Racism, 9/1994)
    • Racism Among the Well-Intended
    • The Symbolic Politics of Racism (David Sears)
    • Preserving, Ignoring and Sometimes Destroying Social Identity (Audrey Murrell)
    • Racism and Self-Esteem (Jennifer Crocker)
    • The Rocky Road to Positive Intergroup Relations (Patricia Devine)
    • Stereotype Vulnerability and Intellectual Functioning (Claudia Steele)


Talking About Race: Part I and Part II

Prejudice: Dividing the Dream (MTI Film/Video, 25:00 min.)

Reports in Color: Minister Louis Farrakhan (Audio tape, UMass Amherst Visit, 1994)

True Colors (MTI Film/Video 19:00 min.)

Minorities in the College Classroom (Michigan State University, 1986).

Love Makes a Family: Forum on Domestic Partner Benefits (Housing Service Cable Network, UMass Amherst, 1994)


More Campus Resources for Lending Materials:

UMass Amherst Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) Lending Library

The FSAP also has a lending library containing books on the following topics: abuse, AIDS, Alcohol/Drugs, Anger, Career Issues, Chronic Illness, Co-dependence, Depression, Divorce, Eating Disorders, Family Issues, Financial, Gay/Lesbian, Grief & Loss, Obsessive/Compulsive, Stress, Women's/Men's Issues, and Work Issues.

Training and Development Lending Library

The Training and Development Resource Room, located in Room 506 Goodell, is also a lending library, available for use by all University staff and faculty. The library contains a large selection of print, audio, CD-ROM, and video materials and is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Walk-ins are welcome!

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