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The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D) is located in 225 Bartlett Hall, Amherst, Massachusetts, 01003. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm and can be reached at (413) 545-3464 (voice or TTY) or by e-mail: The EO&D fax number is (413) 545-0802. Any of the information available on the EO&D web site can be made available in large print format by contacting the EO&D Office.

Disability Services at UMass Amherst is a component of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Services are provided for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, so that they may successfully learn and work at UMass. Disability Services promotes the empowerment of people with disabilities and their full integration into campus life and the community.

• Administers internal discrimination grievance procedures and conducts investigations relative to affirmative action and equal opportunity complaints.

The University has established a system of grievance procedures to address complaints of alleged discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, color, religion, creed, age, marital status, national origin, veteran status, and disability. Grievants are encouraged to resolve complaints informally by working with the relevant parties and administrators. The Ombuds Office and the Dean of Students Office together with the EO&D Office are available to assist in this resolution process. Formal charges of discrimination should be directed to the campus EO&D Office located at 243 Lederle GRC Lowrise, or call 545-3464. The University's Grievance Policy and Procedures are available online and the print version may be obtained by contacting the EO&D Office.

• Administers the University Sexual Harassment Policy and provides advice and counsel to the campus community on all related issues.

The University has a separate Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure to address complaints of sexual harassment, and provides both informal and formal methods for complaint resolution. Informal attempts may involve consultations at the department level, or mediation through the Ombuds Office, Mediation Project, or other appropriate agency. Complaints involving students as respondents would normally be handled by the Dean of Students Office, under the Code of Student Conduct. Formal charges of sexual harassment should be directed to the EO&D Office. The Sexual Harassment Policy is available online. It may also be obtained by contacting the EO&D Office at 545-3464.

The Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity assumes responsibility for implementation of this policy, and provides advice, assistance, and training on issues related to sexual harassment. In addition, EO&D Office staff are available to conduct workshops on request. Title IX at UMass Amherst• The University has created the Title IX Coordination Team to further evaluate, coordinate and address sexual harassment and sexual violence on our campus.  The Executive Director for Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Debora Ferreira, is the chair of the Title IX Coordination Team.  This team meets weekly to look at specific incidences of sexual harassment and sexual violence and to ensure that resources and responses are holistically coordinated across the University.  Additionally, the Coordination Team ensures that Title IX education and training is provided on campus.  The Title IX Coordination Team includes representatives from the following area: the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, the Center for Women and Community, the Department of Athletics, the Dean of Students Office, the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, University Health Services, Residential Life, International Programs, the Center for Student Development and the UMass Amherst Police Department.

• Conducts outreach to campus personnel to increase and assess effectiveness of efforts in affirmative action and equal opportunity.

• Develops and implements uniform affirmative action and equal opportunity policies and procedures for the entire campus.

• Develops monitoring systems to assess recruitment efforts and the progress of campus programs toward affirmative action goals.

• Establishes record keeping systems to maintain adequate empirical data for monitoring affirmative action and equal opportunity efforts on the Amherst campus.

• The Chancellor's Diversity Advisory Council brings together offices, programs and individuals who do important work to advance our campus's commitment to diversity and equity. The council is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community members and chaired by Debora Ferreira, Executive Director of Equal Opportunity & Diversity. This Council serves as an advisory board on matters of diversity, and has been charged with reviewing campus policies and procedures related to diversity; helping to develop new, coordinated initiatives to advance diversity and equity on campus; and contributing to the development of a comprehensive diversity and equity plan.

• Participates in the Leading for Change initiative. The Leading for Change Higher Education Diversity Consortium is a voluntary collaboration of higher education institutions in Massachusetts and New England committed to identifying student and employee diversity best practices through uniform and transparent use of data, institutional benchmarks and reflective practice. Experts from Bridgewater State University, Emerson College, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bristol Community College and Harvard University have worked together to identify student and employee benchmarks for success in higher education.

• Prepares state, federal, and University system mandated reports.

• Provides training programs for academic and non-academic managers regarding the role of affirmative action and equal opportunity on the Amherst campus.

• Produces an annual Annual Affirmative Action Plan and related documents for the Amherst Campus. For print versions of recent documents, please contact the EO&D office.

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