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History of The AAAB:

The Affirmative Action Advisory Board has been a part of the Amherst campus community since January of 1986. It was established by then Executive Vice Chancellor O' Brien, as an advisory board for the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Office, now known as the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office. The original purpose of the AAAB was to advise the campus on policies and procedures regarding Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity which is still true today.

The Responsibilities and Functions of the AAAB:

In March of 1995, the Affirmative Action Advisory Board revised its constitution, and as a result is now charged with three primary functions.

The three primary functions of the Affirmative Action Advisory Board are:

  • To provide a forum for discussion of policy issues, and review of medium and/or long-range affirmative action goals, strategies and implementation efforts;
  • To consult with and advise the Executive Director for Equal Opportunity & Diversity on any matters related to affirmative action and equal opportunity;
  • To be available for consultations with the Provost and/or Chancellor on any affirmative action questions that the Provost or Chancellor may pose to the Board.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the AAAB will:

  • Be briefed on and evaluate the major outlines of the campus policy relating to affirmative action;
  • Help develop overall goals and standards for affirmative action on campus;
  • Review the current status of affirmative action on campus;
  • Be a conduit on campus;
  • Operate with some independence from the administrative authorities.

Composition of the AAAB:

The AAAB consists of members appointed by the Chancellor after consultation with the Board and the Executive Director for Equal Opportunity and Diversity. The Chairs of the Faculty Senate Council on the Status of Women and the Faculty Senate Council on the Status of Minorities are ex officio members of the AAAB. The Chancellor, in consultation with the Executive Director for EO&D, annually selects a Chair and Vice-Chair or Co-Chairs with the advice and consultation of the Board. Members are usually appointed for a three year term and may be reappointed. The AAAB is representative of the diversity in the Amherst campus community consisting of: faculty, professional, administrative, and classified staff, undergraduate and graduate students. While the membership should be broadly representative of racial minorities, women, the gay/lesbian/bisexual community, disabled persons, veterans, governance and collective bargaining units, and other relevant constituencies, no member will function solely as representative of a particular constituency. Each member will represent many constituencies, all of them sharing common concerns with respect to the University's commitment to, and progress on, affirmative action and equal opportunity.

Meeting Schedule of the AAAB:

The Affirmative Action Advisory Board meets monthly on Thursdays, from 9:00 - 10:30 in the EO&D Conference Room, 245 Lederle Lowrise. Please call the Equal Opportunity & Diversity Office (413) 545-3464 for meeting dates.

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