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Services for Commercial Growers

Many of us work directly with growers to solve pest problems in the greenhouse, nursery, shade tree, small fruit, tree fruit, turf, and vegetable commodities. We have vibrant research programs on insects that impact many of these crops. We are recognized for the excellence of our Pesticide Education and Integrated Pest Management programs.

Specific information can be found at the UMass Extension AgroEcology website


Information on Pest Management


The goal of Entomology Department outreach activities is to develop and implement economically viable, environmentally sound and socially just applications of the discipline of Entomology. Departmental outreach benefits citizens of the Commonwealth by providing out-of-classroom educational opportunities and facilitating the adoption of science-based knowledge by diverse audiences.

In addition to the Department's long and distinguished history of undergraduate and graduate teaching, and well-recognized basic and applied research, many departmental faculty and professional staff have significant involvement in the UMass Extension Agroecology Program. UMass Extension is generally considered to be the model of academic outreach at the Land-Grant University. In addition to connecting with the Commonwealth's citizens through UMass Extension, other departmental members engage in other forms of non-traditional outreach as well. Several faculty and professional staff are the recipients of University or professional society awards for their outreach efforts.

Major departmental outreach programs include: the UMass Extension Integrated Pest Management Team, the UMass Extension Pesticide Education Team, the Community Entomology Program, the Massachusetts Pesticide Analysis Laboratory (MPAL), the Nonpoint Source Water Quality Education Program, and the UMass Extension Farm Safety Program.



Information for Kids and Teachers

The Department of Entomology knows that future entomologists come from the desire of young children to one day join the profession of entomology. Because of this, the department has an active one hour program entitled, "Insects in the Hallway," which gives young children an opportunity to see a large insect collection, see and handle live insects and other arthropods, plus to talk to individuals who are entomologists or training to become entomologists. In order to arrange for a trip, contact the main office at 413-545-2004.

In addition to educating children, the department believes that education of the K-12 teachers is just as critical. In fact, the multiplication factor of education occurs. For every teacher educated about insects, 20-30 children each year are educated. The department has an online course for inservice teachers and undergrads planning to enter the teaching profession. To find out more about this, go to



Information for Home Gardeners

The Entomology department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and UMass Extension are not able to respond directly to home owner inquiries concerning the identification of pests or plants. UMass Extension does, however, work directly with the municipal and commercial professionals by offering identification, recommendations for management, and pesticide education.

Home owners with specific problems are encouraged to visit the following web site:, or their local garden center. Professional landscapers, arborists, and nurseries may also be able to offer expert assistance.