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University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Massachusetts Amherst

English Department

Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is a group of four-seven students formed to develop, implement, and provide programs that help build community among English majors.

Last semester, the Student Advisory Board learned that the key to its success was teamwork. This may seem obvious -- we met just about weekly, to share observations, ideas, and turkey subs. We were constantly working as a team to try to brainstorm new ways to counsel students, new events to be held in Bartlett Hall, and new ways of catching the attention of English majors. However, the thing that didn't cross our minds was combining our team's efforts with those of another team -- the members of the English Society.

Signs advertising the printed release of Jabberwocky began appearing around Bartlett Hall, and from there, our idea was born -- join with the members of the English Society to hold an event! The planning began, e-mails were sent, and a reading was planned for mid-May. We had pizza and soda, and authors read their own work from the new edition of Jabberwocky. The turnout was one of the largest the Student Advisory Board had experienced and it was truly an entertaining event!

We now hope that we can create and stage events that will surpass even the turnout of our most successful event to date. We want to make peer-to-peer advising accessible, as a non-threatening, easy alternative to meeting with a professor or being misadvised by other students. Our major focus this semester will be reviewing our past efforts, brainstorming new ways of providing assistance to students, and putting our plans into action. Our shared Student Advisory Board email is a good start to making ourselves more accessible to students, and our own profiles below will hopefully make us more recognizable to students in need of guidance. We're hoping that this semester, the Student Advisory Board will be able to provide the best events and advising we've ever had.

Below, you'll find profiles of the current Student Advisory Board.

2012-2013 Student Advisory Board

My name is Elizabeth Adewale: a Christian, a junior, an English and Psychology major, with Afro-American Studies minor—I hope to get dual degrees upon graduation. I was born and raised in Nigeria, but grew up in America. It has been a very interesting and fulfilling journey for me, and I am very grateful. I decided to be and English and Psychology major because I believe in the power of words and in the infinite power of the mind. I would love to be able to use both to better our world.

I like dancing, even though I’m not a dancer; I love to sing, even though I am not a singer; I love to write, and I hope one day to be as great a master of words as Shakespeare (my favorite author) is. My favorite color is purple. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. I am the shortest member in my family but that does not stop me from reaching to great heights, quite literally, too!

I just want to be a good person and be helpful in any way I can be. I am very approachable and will listen to anyone who is willing to talk. I believe God loves everyone and I want to be able to show and share that with everyone I meet.

Brandon Boudreault is a senior English major. He’s a transfer student from Maine and is part of the Commonwealth Honors College. His areas of interest are modern/ contemporary poetry and poetics and Marxist critical theory. Brandon plans to attend graduate school immediately after earning his Bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, he intends to become a professor of English at the University level.

Lauren Erin O'Brien is a senior English major with a concentration in creative writing. She writes flash fiction and short stories, occasionally dabbling in poetry, and is undergoing the MFA application process at this moment. Although she declared a Chinese major at first, then switched to a French major, Lauren can say with confidence that the English department is the perfect fit. Typically, Lauren spends her evenings complaining about how many stars her friends give her favorite books on Goodreads, writing in six different tumblrs or showing off her achievements in Guild Wars. This is all time she should be spending at the gym.

Tyler Ramsay is a freshman at UMass Amherst, double-majoring in English and History with a minor Education. At age 14 he self-published a children's science-fiction novella, "Gamma229 and the Battle for Earth." He has also had poems and an academic article published. He hopes to teach English in a college or university, or perhaps enter the publishing/editing field. At Framingham High School he was the marching band's Head Drum Major, President, and Clarinet Section Leader, and now plays clarinet for the University of Massachusetts Minuteman Marching Band, along with playing with the Hoop Band at basketball games. He is excited to read a plethora of books in his English and History classes, and looks forward to his future years at the university, as well as playing in the Macy's Day Parade in 2013.

Tylar Anne Suckau is a senior departmental honors English Major with a minor in Biology. She also completed the pre-medical track. Currently an intern at the University of Massachusetts Press, Tylar hopes to enter the editing and publishing field, and has considered medical writing as the way to temper her English and her scientific areas of study. Tylar is also an academic tutor for the Athletic Department. This past summer, she studied abroad in Oxford, and plans to return to England for graduate school next Fall. In her spare time, she coaches figure skating and loves to read for pleasure.

Ashleigh West is a Senior English major pursing a specialization in Creative Writing, as well as a Psychology minor. She enjoys writing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry--a hobby of her's since she was 12. Ashleigh works as an Exam Proctor at Disability Services and was a Teaching Assistant for Psychology 100 for three semesters. Upon graduation, Ashleigh hopes to travel across Europe, photographing anything and everything! A self-proclaimed coffee addict, her idea of a perfect Sunday is curled up with a good book and multiple cups of sugary coffee. Ashleigh loves all things crafty, and can often be found knitting or crocheting a hat or two around campus. Ashleigh dreams of one day returning to UMass to pursue an MFA in poetry, but for now is excited for life after graduation and relishing in the open road ahead!