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Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of a group of students representing diverse aspects of the English Department and the University. Among their key duties, they provide important feedback from the English majors at large to the Director of Undergraduate English. Additionally, SAB members particpate in English open houses and meet with prospective UMass students who've expressed interest in studying English. They provide majors with invaluable peer advising assistance at the beginning of pre-registration and are there to help majors make informed decisions based on their aims and interests. 

The board can be contacted by email at and can answer questions about courses, the major, and English department events.

2017-2018 Student Advisory Board

Rachel Barry is a sophomore English major hoping to declare another major or a minor in Spanish. I also plan to specialize in Creative Writing and Technical Writing. I am a member of The Reader Society and I have two black kittens Boo and Scout named for the characters in To Kill A Mockingbird.


Quinn Breen is a sophomore English and Political Science double major. I'm interested in specializing in American Studies and Creative Writing. I like to read fiction and poetry, and my favorite book is A Visit From the Good Squad by Jennifer Egan. I'm from Lowell, Massachusetts.

Igor Bykov.  Being originally from Russia and currently living in New Jersey I am a senior majoring in English and Sociology with high hopes to pursue a career in law. I am employed by Chancellor's Office at Whitmore and am also the president of the Delta Chi Fraternity on campus. Music and soccer are my top interests, but I find myself passionate about the legal and sociological aspects of our society. One of my favorite quotes to live by comes from Invictus written by William Ernest Henley "It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

Pavithra Devarajan is a junior English and Art History double major, pursing studies in Education as well. She is a part of the HFA Student Leadership Board, The Reader's Society, the Art History Society, and writes for one of the many literary journals on campus. In addition to reading and writing, she enjoys being outdoors and going to museums.

Avery Lussier is a senior English major with a specialization in the Study and Practice of Writing and an enthusiasm for Early Modern drama and history. She is a certified ESL Instructor, member of the NNETESOL Board, and tutor at the UMass Writing Center. In her spare time she loves hanging out with her dog and drinking coffee.

Ashley McDermott is a senior English and Communication double major specializing in creative writing and professional writing and technical communication. She has a passion for all things English, and is involved in various student run organizations on campus. She is a member of English Society, Vice President of HFA Student Leadership Board, Editor in Chief of "The Scribe" literary magazine, Events Coordinator of Enough, and an assistant fiction editor of "Jabberwocky." In addition, she writes for "The Tab" and has been published in various works on campus.