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picture of Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin '17

"The major highlight [of the internship] for me came from working with Amherst Media to launch their community-centric website, The Collective. … They let me contribute film reviews and episodes of my podcast, The Pick-Ups. Together, we craft and curate content for a growing audience that encourages writers, filmmakers, and other artists to engage with their community while promoting their work." 

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Isabelle Kagan picture

Isabelle Kagan '17

"I learned so much about how to write concisely and effectively to produce appealing articles for a target audience. This internship [with GoNomad] gave me excellent experience in the fields of publishing, editing, and online media."

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Aradhita Saraf picture

Aradhita Saraf '17

"I was sipping tea in a coffee shop in New York City with a cabin bag by my side and no place to stay the night when my phone beeped, notifying me of an email from Penguin Random House. I had received the opportunity to intern in the marketing department at the Knopf Doubleday imprint."

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image of Dean Gretchen Gerzina

Dean Gretchen Gerzina

Gretchen Gerzina, Dean of the Commonwealth Honors College and Paul Murray Kendall Chair in Biography, believes it is "dangerous to not see the value in the humanities." She discusses her research and wriitng process, discovering historical African American literature, and teaching eighteenth-century literature.

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picture of Christopher Pitt

Christopher Pitt '16

"My experience as an English major was pretty incredible. I managed to experience some of the greatest moments of English appreciation that I had ever known. ... [The English Society] hosted a Beowulf night at the Renaissance center. It was exciting to see all of these people celebrating this timeless story and the context in which it existed. There were foot races and spear throwing, and we ate suckling pig seated at a long table."

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Lily Brooks Dalton photo

Lily Brooks-Dalton '2012

"In the fall of 2010 I was lucky enough to serve as Linda Aronson’s intern, working with her on a project which strives to change the way we look at education. I spent a lot of time looking into alternative educational teaching techniques and curriculums, editing Linda Aronson’s manuscript … and thinking about my own education."

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