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Headshot of Kevin Xu

Kevin Xu '19

"I went to Celeste Stuart and she laid out my different paths [within the English major]. That’s how I found the  Study and Practice of Writing (SPOW) and Professional Writing and Technical Communication (PWTC) specializations ..."

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Headshot of Maria Pedone

Maria Pedone '12

"[B]eing an English major prepared me to deal with so many different kinds of people and perspectives. Through the classes I took, I was exposed to unique voices that I never would have encountered otherwise. Since I am dealing with clients everyday that have a unique and specific brand they want to put out into the world, I am able to morph my voice to each specific client."

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Headshot of Sabrina Taylor

Sabrina Taylor '20

"I've tried keeping a consistent balance between my English and non-English courses. ... I’ve found that being an English major often overlaps with other classes as it is, and has definitely helped me write coherent essays and critically think no matter the course." 

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Image of Symone Green

Symone Green '19

"Being an English major means knowing that my way of thinking and my way of understanding the world makes sense. I just love when I have the opportunity to be a language-loving nerd with other English majors … I’m grateful for the sense of community here within the English department."

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picture of Jenna Henderson

Jenna Henderson '18

"The idea that 'you can do anything with an English major' is absolutely true, so my piece of advice to underclassmen would be to make sure to explore your options! It's never too late (or too early) to adjust your sails and find awesome ways to use this great program to your advantage."

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Elizabeth Riezinger photo

Elizabeth Riezinger '17

"My most significant take-away from UMass is the experience I've gained from editing UMass's undergraduate literary journal, Jabberwocky … I've learned so much about collaboration and teamwork while working as both Poetry Editor and Editor-in-Chief."

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