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picture of Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin '17

"The major highlight [of the internship] for me came from working with Amherst Media to launch their community-centric website, The Collective. … They let me contribute film reviews and episodes of my podcast, The Pick-Ups. Together, we craft and curate content for a growing audience that encourages writers, filmmakers, and other artists to engage with their community while promoting their work." 

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Isabelle Kagan picture

Isabelle Kagan '17

"I learned so much about how to write concisely and effectively to produce appealing articles for a target audience. This internship [with GoNomad] gave me excellent experience in the fields of publishing, editing, and online media."

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Aradhita Saraf picture

Aradhita Saraf '17

"I was sipping tea in a coffee shop in New York City with a cabin bag by my side and no place to stay the night when my phone beeped, notifying me of an email from Penguin Random House. I had received the opportunity to intern in the marketing department at the Knopf Doubleday imprint."

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Lily Brooks Dalton photo

Lily Brooks-Dalton '2012

"In the fall of 2010 I was lucky enough to serve as Linda Aronson’s intern, working with her on a project which strives to change the way we look at education. I spent a lot of time looking into alternative educational teaching techniques and curriculums, editing Linda Aronson’s manuscript … and thinking about my own education."

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Kevin OConnell photo

Kevin O'Connell '2012

"There’s so much that I had the opportunity to experience this summer [as an intern] – the groggy-eyed morning commute into the city, the rhythm of working in an office, the opportunity to meet people … I’m more satisfied with the experience as a whole than I am with any particular insight or skill I gleaned."

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