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Headshot of Mark Sullivan
Photo Credit: Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan '06

Mark has made his career in the design and marketing of games. He began by starting his own company, designing games and toys, and moved on to jobs writing rules and copy for games, creating names for games, and writing the copy for game boxes and for commercials.

After four years, he took a job as principal game designer for Coleco, home of the Cabbage Patch Kids, where he designed word games in the Scrabble line, trivia games to go with Trivial Pursuit, and card games, among others, and continued working on the marketing of games, eventually joining the marketing department. He then moved to Mattel, Inc., where he was Senior Vice President of Boys Toys and in charge of brands like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Uno, Pictionary, Harry Potter, Yugioh, Batman and Superman.

Mark has recently accepted a role as Executive Vice President of Spin Master Toys, one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world. He has spoken about games on such programs as Good Morning America and Nightline and was Mattel's judge on The Apprentice, responsible for reviewing toy concepts created by two teams, choosing the winner, and explaining the choice to Donald Trump, the teams, and 20 million viewers. View his LinkedIn profile to learn more or to connect with him.