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English Department

Graduate Student Achievements

Our graduate students actively engage with their scholarly communities through publication, conference presentations, and service. Below you'll find a list of our graduate students' most current achievements. You can also view past semesters here.




Spring 2012

Kathleen Marie Baldwin: Presented "Manifest Destiny: Assessing New Media Texts in the FYC" at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO.

Leslie J. Bradshaw:
Presented “Concurrent Mediations, Concurrent Selves: Using Foucault's Four Technologies to Theorize Digital Writers” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO (March 2012) and "Technologies of the Subject: Between Resistant and Sell Out" at Computers and Writing, Raleigh, NC (May 2012).

Amy Brady:
Center for Research Libraries Primary Source Award in Research Spring 2012 - Invited lecture for Preservation and Testing Division at Library of Congress: "Hyperspectral Imaging and its Potential in the Study of the Federal Theatre Project."

Isabel Espinal: Elected Vice President/ President of REFORMA: the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking.

Andrew Fox:Conference presentations: 2012: American Conference for Irish Studies, New Orleans. ‘”A Bow and Arrow in My House”: “The Indian Metaphor” in Paul Muldoon's New Weather.' 2011: American Conference for Irish Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison. "The Outlaw Protagonist and the Narrative of the Single Event: Strategies of Admittance and Exclusion in Novellas of the Northern Irish Troubles." Awards: 2012: RTE PJ O'Connor Awards for Radio Drama. First Prize. 2011: Irish Arts Council Bursary for Literature.

John Gallagher: Published "The Emotion for Opening the Text Message," in Transformations: The Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy.

Sean Gordon: Presented a paper, "'The Colonial Sin of Imitation': Inter-Imperialism in Poe's 'A Tale of the Ragged Mountains,'" at the UMass-Amherst Graduate Student Conference. This same paper has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming conference of the American Studies Association (November 2012).

Travis D. Grandy: Technology Fellow, UMass Writing Program, 2011-2012 Workshop Presenter, "Convergence in the Classroom: Exploring New Media in Composition", Conference on College Composition and Communication, Spring 2012 Presenter, "Rumblr on the Tumblr: Rhetorical Action & Participatory Audiences."

Christopher Hennessy: Moderated a panel at the AWP national conference in Chicago. The panelists were Mark Doty, Kevin Killian, David Trinidad, and Stephen Motika. First book of poems, Love-In-Idleness, was a finalist for a national gay poetry award.

Thomas Hopper: 2012 ETHIR Digital Humanities Fellowship, DuBois SCUA.

Emma Howes: Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies Department, UMass Amherst, Spring 2012 “From Mountain Cabins and Tenant Shacks: The Role of Literacy in the Journey from Farm to Mill in the Carolina Piedmont," Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, Missouri (March 2012) “‘She Always Kept a Filthy House': Outsiders Reading and Writing Southern Appalachian Women, 1900-1930,” Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference, Mankato, Minnesota (October 2011) Mary Lily Research Grant, Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture, Duke University (2012-2013).

Christina Jones, Travis Grandy, Hari Stephen Kumar, John Gallagher, Anne Bello, and Neelofer Qadir: Facillitated workshop "Convergence in the Classroom" at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO.

Hari Stephen Kumar: Winner of 2012 Walker Gibson Award for best graduate essay in Composition and Rhetoric. Winner of 2012 LeeAnne Smith White Award for best graduate essay in American literary and cultural studies. Published a co-authored article with Bryant Keith Alexander and Claudio Moreira: "Resisting (Resistance) Stories of Father: An Intertwined Triple Autoethnograp." in Qualitative Inquiry. Co-performed/presented an hour-long performance at the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign, IL. Performance title: "Legacies of Functional (Il)Literacy: Triple Autoethnographic Reflections on Finding Voice(s) in Academic and Everyday Life." Co-performers: Bryant Keith Alexander and Claudio Moreira. May 2012: Co-performed/presented a performance paper at the International Congress for Qualitative Inquiry, Urbana-Champaign, IL. Performance title: "The Good, the Better, and the Beautiful: Between(er) Cowboys & Indians Decolonizing the West(ern)." Co-performer: Claudio Moreira.

Amy Lanham: Publication: “Resisting the Privatization of American Education: Student Teachers Say No.” Transformations, the Journal of Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy. 23:1 (2012): 95-103. Conference: Panelist, “Surveillance, Silence, and Audit Culture in Teacher Education: Possibilities for Resistance” at the 2012 Equity and Social Justice Conference, SUNY – New Paltz (Spring 2012) Completed degree: Secondary Teacher Certification w/ English Endorsement, University of Massachusetts – Amherst (May 2012).

Nate Leonard: Publication: “Embracing the ‘Mongrel:’ John Marston’s 'The Malcontent,' 'Antonio and Mellida,' and the Development of English Early Modern Tragicomedy” – Forthcoming in The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies (Summer 2012). Presented “Circling the Contract: The Presentation and Absence of Marriage in 'As You Like It'” at Shakespeare Association of America Conference: Boston, MA.

Elizabeth D. Lloyd-Kimbrel: “A Modernist Echo: Bryher’s Visa for Avalon and Morris’s Earthly Paradise” forthcoming in The Newsletter of the William Morris Society in the United States. [Modified excerpt from “Come Again? The Contexts of Bryher’s Visa for Avalon,” Topic: The Washington and JeffersonCollege Review 56 (Utopia/Dystopia issue, 2010): 49-66.]  Awarded program scholarship to attend first session of upcoming Key West Literary Seminar: Writers on Writers (January 10-13, 2013).  “Ceci n’est pas une porte” forthcoming in The 3MFs You Missed: Round 8 [selections from NPR’s Spring 2012 Three Minute-Fiction Contest], an ePub publication edited by Wm. Barry Brimer.  Chaired panel on “The Nick Adams of In Our Time: Fact, Fiction, and Metaphor” at the 15th Biennial Hemingway Society Conference: Hemingway Up in Michigan (Petoskey-Bay View, Michigan, June 2012).  Presented poem “Wedding Water” at Invitational Poetry Reading for the 14th Biennial Hemingway Society Conference: Extreme Geographies (Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2010).

Darren Edward Lone Fight: Presented at the 2012 Native American and Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) Conference, June 3-6, entitled "Revising the Indigenous Immigrant: Identity and Change in /The Business of Fancydancing."

Morgan Lynn: Professional Equity Project Grant for part-time faculty, Spring, 2012; hired as tenure-track Assistant Professor of English at Los Medanos College, Spring 2012.

Ashley Nadeau: Presented at the American Comparative Literature Association's annual conference in April 2012. Special mention and runner up for the Postcolonial Studies Association / Journal of Postcolonial Writing's 2012 Postgraduate essay prize.

Gina Marie Ocasion: Presented the essay "National Fantasy and American Masculinity: Hawthorne's 'Sir William Phips'" at the 2012 Southwest/Texas Popular and American Culture Association Regional Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Neelofer Qadir: "The Specter of Citizenship: Gender, Labor, and Migration in Nadine Gordimer's The Pickup." Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Conference. Rochester, NY. March 2012. Roundtable Participant. "Where Shall We Go? Martin R. Delany's Search for a Black Nation." Festival del Caribe Annual Conference. Santiago de Cuba. July 2012. Panelist.

Katy Rhoden: “Paratextual Self-Fashioning: Re-writing Religious Polemic in Antoinette Bourignon's A Warning Against the Quakers.” University of Reading Early Modern Studies Conference (Reading, UK), July 12-14, 2012. “Religious Polemic in the Lifewritings of Antoinette Bourignon.” “Reimagining Genre.” Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society, Gonzaga University. (Spokane, WA), October 20-22, 2011. “Quaker Women Preaching Paul: Katherine Evans' and Sarah Cheevers' Reinscription of the Female Body.” “The Bible in the Seventeenth Century: The Authorized Edition Quattrocentury.” Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, University of York (York, UK), July 7th - 9th, 2011. “An Anglo-American History of the KJV,” Folger Shakespeare Library, Grant-in-Aid Recipient, (Washington DC), September 29 – October 1, 2011. Promotion to Lecturer at Gonzaga University for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Lauren L. Rollins: Presented a paper entitled “‘That which is above us pertains nothing to us': The Lessons of Spanish Imperialism in Robert Greene's Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay” at the University of Michigan's "Nations and Empires" conference and also a paper entitled “Piratical Performativity: Toward a Phenomenology of Early Modern Class Consciousness” at the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies annual meeting in Tempe, AZ.

Lauren Silber: March 2012 “Langston Hughes' ‘America' in the Dialect Poetry of Immigrant Proletarian Writers” presented at Radical Langston Hughes panel at New England Modern Language Association; Rochester, NY; 2012 Residential First-Year Experience Student Choice Award Recipient.

Mahendran Thiruvarangan: Presented “Writing Jaffna: A. Santhan's Presentation of Histories and Identities in The Whirlwind.” 6th Sri Lanka Association for Commonwealth Literature And Language Studies Conference, Colombo. "The Human Body and the Colonial Encounter: The Human Body and the Colonial Encounter: Representations of Power in The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the Court of the Great Moghul." Graduate Student Conference, University of California, Irvine.

Amanda Waugh: Publications "Cosmopolitan Commitments: Beyond the 'Nation' and the 'Meantime' in Nadine Gordimer's The Pickup." Criterion: A Journal of Literary Criticism April 2011 pp. 137-53. “‘Willing Liberates’: Nietzschean Heroism in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions." Pacific Coast Philology2011 Volume 46. pp. 80-96. Prizes Special Mention, Postgraduate Essay Prize Postcolonial Studies Association July 2011 John Hicks Essay Prize University of Massachusetts, Amherst English Department May 2011 Awarded for the best essay on any literary subject. Charles Peters Prize University of Massachusetts, Amherst April 2012 Awarded for the best essay on a subject involving Shakespeare or his contemporaries (inclusive dates: 1558-1642). Recent Conference Papers "Colonial Contagions: Labor, Sickness, and Scars in Charlotte Yonge's The Clever Woman of the Family," Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Annual Conference, March 2012.