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University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Massachusetts Amherst

English Department

American Studies Program

For further information contact please contact:

Professor Asha Nadkarni
American Studies
Department of English
460 Bartlett Hall
Box 30515
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003-0515


Recent Faculty Publications

Recent publications by faculty in American Studies at UMass Amherst

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Welcome to American Studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


Graduate students in American Studies--a concentration within the Department of English --engage in an interdisciplinary approach to American literature and culture. Two core seminars on models and methods for interdisciplinary study, plus courses from other relevant departments, provide the groundwork for students to pursue theoretically informed, integrative research into their special interests. The concentration allows maximum flexibility in planning an individual program of study; from the start, students are encouraged to forge their own combinations of courses, subject matter, and perspectives. While our program familiarizes students with a range of disciplinary tools and discourses, it provides depth in one area--namely, literary studies, literary theory, and cultural studies--which gives students a professional identity in American literature and American studies augmented and enriched by perspectives from other fields.

Located in western Massachusetts, the University of Massachusetts Amherst offers broad resources, including access to the libraries and museums of Amherst, Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Hampshire colleges. Students may also take advantage of the international, intercultural, and critical ethnic studies curricula initiated through various Five College Programs, namely: Crossroads in the Study of the Americas, Asian/Pacific/American Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, and Native American and Indigenous Studies. In addition, there are opportunities for the study of material culture at nearby Historic Deerfield and for historical research at the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester. Finally, the college communities offer a rich array of film showings, music, dance, and performance.

Graduate students in the American Studies Concentration regularly attend and present at the national and regional American Studies Association Conferences, the Futures of American Studies Institute at Dartmouth College, the Northeastern Modern Language Association Annual Conference, and the College English Association Conference.

Please see the list of graduate accomplishments here: Graduate assistantships and university fellowships are available to qualified applicants.

The Faculty

Chris Appy, History*
Stephen Arons, Legal Studies*
Joyce Berkman, History*
Abigail Huston Boggs, Gender and Sexuality Studies*
John Bracey, Afro-American Studies*
Laura Briggs, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies*
Nicholas Bromell, English
Julio Capo, History*
Donal Carbaugh, Communication*
Deborah Carlin, English
Mari Castañeda, Communication*
Laura Doyle, English
Jennifer Fronc, History*
Laura Furlan, English
David Glassberg, History*
Lisa Henderson, Communication*
Ruth Jennison, English
A. Yemisi Jimoh, Afro-American Studies*
Laura Lovett, History
Mason Lowance, English
Arthur Kinney, English
Randall Knoper, English
Barbara Krauthamer, History*

Luis Marentes, Spanish & Portuguese *
Marla Miller, History*
Agustin Lao Montes, Sociology*
Rachel Mordecai, English
Asha Nadkarni, English
Mazen Naous, English
William Oedel, Art History*
Max Page, Art History*
Robert Paynter, Anthropology*
Hoang Phan, English
Emily Redman, History*
Sam Redman, History*
Britt Russert, Afro-American Studies*
TreaAndrea Russworm, English
Daniel Sack, English
Elizabeth Sharrow, Political Science and History*
Shawn Shimpach, Communications*
Manisha Sinha, Afro-Am Studies*
James Smethhurst, Africo-American Studies*
Jenny Spencer, English
Steven C. Tracy, Afro-American Studies*
Ron Welburn, English
Caroline Yang, English


*Affiliate Faculty


Selected publications by American Studies alumni since 2001:


Lucy San Pablo Burns, Ph.D. 2004: Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles
Puro Arte: Filipinos on the States of Empire (New York University Press, 2012; Winner of the 2012 Outstanding Book Award in Cultural Studies, Association for Asian American Studies)

Anna Creadick, Ph.D. 2002: Associate Professor of English, Hobart and William Smith College
Perfectly Average: The Pursuit of Normality in Postwar America (University of Massachusetts Press, 2010).

Nancy Frazier, Ph.D. 2004: Founding editor, Hampshire Life, a weekly of the Daily Hampshire Gazette
I, Lobster: A Crustacean Odyssey (University Press of New England, 2012).

Chris Hanlon, Ph.D. 2001: Professor of English, Eastern Illinois University
America’s England: Antebellum Literature and Atlantic Sectionalism (Oxford University Press, 2013)

Robert Hayashi, Ph.D. 2002: Associate Professor of English and American Studies, Amherst College
Haunted by Waters: A Journey through Race and Place in the American West (University of Iowa Press, 2007).

Cathy Schlund-Vials, Ph.D. 2006: Associate Professor of English and Asian American Studies, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Modeling Citizenship: Naturalization in Jewish and Asian American Writing (Temple University Press, 2011).
War, Genocide, and Justice: Cambodian American Memory Work (University of Minnesota Press, 2012).
Disability, Human Rights and the Limits of Humanitarianism, co-edited with Michael Gill (Ashgate Publishing, 2014).
Keywords in Asian American Studies, co-edited with Linda Trinh Võ and K. Scott Wong (New York University Press, 2015).

Chris Vials, Ph.D. 2006: Associate Professor of English, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Realism for the Masses: Aesthetics, Popular Front Pluralism, and U.S. Culture, 1933-1947 (University Press of Mississippi, 2009).
Haunted by Hitler: Liberals, the Left, and the Fight Against Fascism in the United States (University of Massachusetts Press, 2014).