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Prepared for English Majors and Minors by the English Undergraduate Studies Office

The English Department Advising Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:00 ( Bartlett 252, 545-0388). Our staff person Colleen is available to answer your walk-in questions, to help with bureaucratic issues, and to make appointments with our in-office program advisors. All English majors are also assigned an individual faculty advisor, with whom you should initiate a relationship as soon as possible. (Look for your advisor's name on the bulletin board outside 252.) Your program and faculty advisors care about you, your education, and your future: make the most of them! If you can't reach your individual advisor, contact the Advising Office immediately. We will accommodate requests for a change of advisor whenever possible.

In addition, the University offers a wide range of campus advising services and community networks. We list many of them below, and we encourage you to take advantage of them. Ask us if you are looking for something you don't see.

The Library Commons on the lower floor of Du Bois Library houses several academic support services , including:
-- the Academic Advising Link ( open Sun-Thurs ) offering walk-in reviews of students' degree progress reports, help with SPIRE, advice on GenEd courses, and more
-- the Writing Center ( open Sun-Thurs ) offering walk-in, one-on-one conferences on any writing assignment (bring assignments and work at any stage)
-- the Learning Resource Center ( open Sun-Thurs ) offering walk-in peer tutoring in all subjects, and some study groups for selected courses
For more information go to

The Office of Career Services provides one-on-one counseling about career aspirations, resume preparation, and interview skills; and they actively help students secure internships, including by offering workshops and providing access to their extensive database of internships. ALL ENGLISH MAJORS should visit their office, just next door, to inquire about internships and career counseling; and attend their career workshops for English majors.
Location: Goodell 511 Main Phone: 545-2224
Counselor for Humanities (Caroline Gould): 545-6257 Internship Coordinator (Jeff Silver): 545-6267

Familiarize yourself with the University's Student Success Centers, including:

The Committee for the Collegiate Education of Black and Other Minority Students (CCEBMS—pronounced “sebs”] offers mentoring, personal counseling, and other services for African American, Asian American, Native American, Latino, Cape Verdean, and other students of color. All incoming students of color are given the opportunity to be assigned a student mentor to guide them through their academic and personal challenges at the university. Then, in their sophomore or junior year, these students are encouraged to become mentors themselves by enrolling in a two-semester training course that is offered through the Education Department.
Location: 218 New Africa House (behind Franklin Dining Commons)
Phone: 545-0031 Website:

Everywoman's Center (EWC) serves as a multicultural campus-based women's center that promotes educational access and equity for women. It provides support groups and workshops dealing with issues ranging from healing from sexual abuse to dissertation writing support for women. It also offers 24-Hour Rape Crisis Counseling and Resource Referral. Location: Wilder Hall and Nelson House (Lounge open MWF 9-2, TuTh 12-4)
Phone: 545-0883 Counselor/Rape Hotline: local: 545-0800 toll-free: 888- 337-0800
Website: Email:

Native American Student Support Services (NASSS) provides academic, personal, and cultural support for Native American students, including through academic tutoring, advice on housing and financial aid, and connections to indigenous communities and organizations. NOTE: If you don't reach someone right away, please leave a message.
Location: Bartlett B-11
Phone: 577-0970 Website:

United Asia Learning Resource Center (UALRC) serves the needs of Asian and Asian American students by supporting students' transition to University life. Their services include personal, career and financial aid counseling, student advocacy, peer mentoring, and tutoring in a wide range of academic disciplines. They also collaborate with other student groups in planning events to foster community.
Location: in the rear of the Knowlton Building in the Northeast Residential Area.
Phone: 545-1844 Website:

Women of Color Leadership Network (WOCLN) provides a comfortable gathering place where students can find mentoring and advocacy services, as well as leadership training and network opportunities. The office also helps students find internships on or off campus, especially in social justice work.
Location: 202 Wilder Phone: 545-1671 Email:

The Bilingual Collegiate Program (BCP) offers a number of services, including a Mentor Program, which helps freshman negotiate the transition into university life with the help of an upper classman, and a computer lab/study center, with a comfortable study environment, internet access, laser printer, and entertainment equipment. They also sponsor the ALANA Job Fair and career workshops to promote career opportunities for minority students and assist with resume building and interview skills. They invite interested students to contact them about participating in their recruitment programs, including phone-a-thons, panel presentations, and tours for prospective students.
Office Location: 101 Wilder Hall
Computer/Study Center: Wilder Hall, computer lab M-F 9-5PM; study hours, M-Th, 6pm-12am
Phone: 545-1968 Email: Website:

AND . . .

The Stonewall Center provides support, advocacy, and programming for LGBT and allied students, staff, and faculty at UMass Amherst and for the larger Pioneer Valley . They sponsor cultural and educational events in order to create a more inclusive and welcoming climate for bisexual, gay, lesbian, queer, and transgender individuals and their allies.
Location: 256 Sunset Ave, Crampton House SW Phone : 545-4824

We also encourage you to seek counseling support for any kind of lifestyle, emotional, or social issue. The University provides a range of support services, including:

Mental Health Services offering confidential counseling for individuals, couples and families, support and therapy groups, medication management, and an eating disorders clinic.
Location: 127 Hills North, on Infirmary Way in Central Residential Area. Facing the Hills building, look for the UHS Annex sign, next to the doorway on the far left side.
Phone: 545-2337 or for after-hours emergencies: 577-5000

Disability Services handling all arrangements for students and staff with special needs in the physical or learning environment. They also provide counseling support for students with learning disabilities.
Location: 231 Whitmore
Phone: 545-0892 Website: Email:

Personal Counseling and Assessment (Psychological and Academic) offers counseling/psychotherapy especially for learning disability issues .
Location: 123 Berkshire House Phone: 545-0333 Website: