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English Undergraduate Advising


      A. Students must fulfill English Writing 112 College Writing as prerequisite to enroll in English 200.

     B. Majors must earn a C or higher in all requirements. They may take English 200 concurrently with any 200-level course. Most 300+ upper-level electives require the completion of English 200 and two of the following 200 level survey courses: English 201, 202, 221, 268 and/or 269. Please check the most current undergraduate course listings for the complete list of 300+ courses and their prerequisites.

     C. A maximum of three courses taken outside the Department (Five Colleges courses, exchange courses, transfer courses) may count toward the major. Majors need to have these courses approved before taking them, and can do so with their Advisor or at the English undergraduate office.

     D. Junior Year Writing and the Integrative Experience are taken in a student's primary major only. If a student is pursuing a dual degree, we require that they take Junior Year Writing with us even if we are listed as their second major. Students pursuing a dual degree should contact the other major to find out if they require any additional coursework. Study courses should not be used for the Junior-Year Writing requirement.

     E. Any course taken toward a requirement-English, General Education or a foreign language course toward the CHFA requirement (except for the final 240 equivalent level) must be letter graded. All English major requirements have a qualifying grade of a C or higher. Students simply have to pass General Education and foreign language courses to fulfill those requirements.

     F. On our Undergraduate courses page, students can find Five Colleges courses and what major requirements they fulfill. Students sign up for these courses through their Spire enrollment under the tab "Five Colleges" and they will be instructed to print two copies of their enrollment form, obtain the relevant signatures and drop off both singed forms at the Five Colleges exchange office located in 614 Goodell. Students can enroll in Five Colleges courses only during the first two weeks of preregistration and during the add/drop period at the start of the semester.


     A. General Education requirements: Registrar's Office, 213 Whitmore, 545-0555

     B. College of Arts & Sciences College requirements: E-24 Machmer, 545-2192

     C. Honors Program: 504 Goodell, 545-2483

     D. Five-College courses (Interchange Office): 614 Goodell, 545-5352

     E. Career Services: Caroline Gould or Candice Serafino, 512 Goodell, 545-6257

     F. Continuing Education: 100 Venture Way, Suite 201 , Hadley, 545-2414

     G. Mental Health Services: 127 Hills North, 545-2337


    A. English 200: 1 course Intensive Literary Studies Seminar for Intended Majors only and Minors.

    B. One of the following two surveys in early/Modern British literature: ENGL 201 or 221

   C. Two of the following three American/British literature survey courses: ENGL 202, 268, 269

    D. One course in Anglophone/Ethnic American literature, rhetorics, culture (any level).

    E. Three Electives in English: one may be 200+ level. The other two must be at a 300+ level.

    F. Junior Year Writing: ENGL 300 or 419 (primary majors only)

    G. Integrative Experience: See our undergraduate course listings for these courses (primary majors only).

A student must earn a C or better in all English requirements. They may take English 200 concurrently with any 200 level course. Most 300 level course require the completion of English 200 and two 200 survey courses from the period distributions. See undergraduate course descriptions for exceptions to this rule.


(Running a student's Academic Requirements Report will inform you whether they are under the old or new GenEd requirements. Go to the General Education page to view the old requirements. Have questions? Call the registrars at 545-0555)

    A. Writing: 2 courses (6 credits total)
         (1) College Writing (CW) course or a satisfactory score on the Placement Exam, SAT/Achievement test, or the Advanced Placement test
         (1) Junior-Year Writing course satisfied in student's primary major   

    B. Social World: 4 courses (16 total credits)
         (1) course in the Arts (AT, AL, I, or SI) 4 credits
         (1) course in Historical Studies (HS, HSG, HSU) 4 credits
         (1) course in Social and Behavioral Sciences (SB) 4 credits
         (2) additional course in any of the areas within the Social World (AL, ALG, ALU, AT, ATG, ATU, HS, HSG, HSU, SB, SBG, SBU, I, or SI) 8 credits/2 courses

    C. Social and Cultural Diversity: 2 courses (6 total credits)
         Students who entered UMass after Fall 2002:
        (1) course United States Diversity ‘U' and
        (1) course Global Diversity ‘G'. The ‘U' and ‘G' designations may be combined with Social World courses with designations like ALU, ALG, ATU, ATG, HSU, HSG, SBU, SBG, IU, or IG.

        Students who entered before Fall 2002: (2) Diversity courses, any combination of the old ‘D' or new ‘U' or ‘G' designations

    D. Biological and Physical World: 2 courses (8 total credits)
         (1) course in Biological Science (BS)
         (1) course in Physical Science (PS)         

    E. Basic Math Skills (R1/Tier I): 1 course (3 credits)
        (1) course in Basic Math Skills (R1) course or by a satisfactory score on the Mathematics Placement Exam or the Basic Math Skills (Tier 1) Exemption Exam.

    F. Analytic Reasoning (R2/Tier II): 1 course (3 credits)
        (1) Analytical Reasoning (R2) course NOTE: The following courses may satisfy both the R1 and R2 requirements: Math 113, 121, 127, 128, 131, 132, 135, 136, 233, 235, 236, or 456, Res-Econ 211 or 212, Statistic 111, 140, 501, 515, or 516.

Only (1) course in a student's major may count toward Gen Ed Requirements. However, if a student uses (1) course in their department and that course does not have a Diversity designation (U or G), the student may use a second course in their major to fulfill one of the two Diversity requirements.

(questions? call 545-6152)

Foreign Language Requirement: required by the College of Arts & Sciences College-students must complete a foreign language through the fourth semester level (Intermediate II or Intermediate Intensive courses numbered 240-249) or

1. Earn degree credit equivalent on the College Board Foreign Language Test, College Board Advanced Placement Test, or demonstrate proficiency in a test designed by a UMass foreign language department.

2. Satisfactory completion in high school of a fourth-level foreign language course or a third-level course in one foreign  language and a second-level course in another foreign language.

. Successful completion of one year in a high school in which English is not the language of instruction.

4. Successful completion of a semester or year's study abroad program that leads to foreign language proficiency at the fourth semester (Intermediate II) level as approved by the appropriate UMass foreign language department.