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Faculty Profiles: Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge


Contact Information:
285 Bartlett Hall
Amherst, MA 0l003
p: 413-545-2976
f: 413-545-3880

Associate Professor

Joselyn Almeida-Beveridge received her B.A. from Tufts University in English and Classical Studies and a Ph.D. in English from Boston College. Her research and teaching interests include British Romanticism and globalization, Atlantic studies with a focus on England, Latin America, and Africa, representations of piracy and mutiny and slavery, gender and abolition, and Latino Literature.

In her book, Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780-1890 (Ashgate 2011), Almeida-Beveridge theorizes the pan-Atlantic as a region of political, material, and cultural interrelationality between Britain, Africa, and the non-Anglophone Americas. She argues for the contributions of Romanticism’s Others in formulating the Atlantic’s public sphere and defining central concepts such as freedom, nationhood, and human rights during the period known as the Age of Revolutions. She is also the editor of Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary (Rodopi 2010), an essay collection that analyzes the continued presence of Hispanic culture in the British canon in light of events such as the Peninsular War and the Wars of Latin American Independence.

Her essays have appeared in journals such as Atlantic Studies, European Romantic Review, The Wordsworth Circle, and Literature Compass as well as essay collections. Her current project investigates how literary representations of Muslim Spain, the Reconquista, and North Africa recalibrate European constructions of African and Islamic power and Western dominance in the work of canonical authors such as Lord Byron and Felicia Hemans, and authors hitherto considered as marginal to the European Romantic-era canon such as Andrés Bello and Juan Manzano. She has been selected for a Fulbright Research Award in Spain.

Areas of Specialization: American, Atlantic, & Hemispheric Studies, 18th & 19th Century British Literature, Poetry and Poetics