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Silk-Road World-System?  Longue Durée Economies, Aesthetics, and Politics

"Might the early "Silk Roads" be studied as a world-system, connected in part through Buddhist and other cultural formations?  Or might attention to the lineages of Buddhist thought, art, and statecraft reorient dominant narratives of world culture and economy?  How have these legacies interacted across time with other world-systems and with later cultural-aesthetic economies? How might answers to these questions adjust current critical paradigms of culture and political economy?

Organized by the World Studies Interdisciplinary Project (WSIP), the seminar is generously supported by the UMass Graduate School, the UMass Department of Languages, Literatures (LLC), the Five College Asian/Pacific/American Studies Program, and the UMass Department of English.

All colleagues are also invited to attend the public events hosted that week by WSIP with support from HFA, SBS, the Provost's Office and by several UMass departments. For more details, see below and visit the World Studies Interdisciplinary Project website ( )."

9:45am–Noon, South College E370.