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Arthur F. Kinney Renaissance Center Community Classes: Shakespeare with Tony Burton

Shakespeare's The Tempest Starting Sept. 11th–Nov. 13th on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm–9:00 pm (except on Sept. 18th–Yom Kippur) and running 8 weeks.   His last play (except for modest and uncertain collaboration in plays attributed to others) and probably attracting the largest number of interpretations, from both historical and contemporary viewpoints, the class will, after a very brief presentation of background fact, begin by reading the play through aloud by class members, parts assigned according to expressed preferences and then as necessity requires.  Next, open discussions of the play as a whole, the various characters, and what we all—as a troupe of actors—deem is most performable by our troupe, and what must be left for the reader's study at leisure. Interspersed throughout, we will watch DVD's of stage, TV, or film performances. Please read the material prior to class.

7:00–9:00 p.m. Tuesdays September 11th–November 13th (no class Sept. 18–Yom Kippur) 

Please register for all Community Classes by emailing us at with the following information: The class you want to attend, your name, telephone number and email address. Please include if you are also registering another person along with you registration and provide the information requested above. Many thanks for your cooperation.

For more information, please visit the Arthur F. Kinney Renaissance Center's Events Calendar.