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English Opportunity Fund

The English Opportunity Fund was established in 2005 to provide support to students who need assistance in meeting the costs of their education. The fund sprang to life when several retiring professors asked their colleagues to contribute to a student fund in their honor in lieu of giving them personal gifts. Members of the English Department Alumni Board were inspired by the faculty's generosity and chose to personally contribute. Alumni and faculty continue to donate to this important fund.
The English Opportunity Fund, an endowed fund that provides a modest annual payout, is targeted for a specific purpose. Through small grants, this fund helps a wide range of worthy English Department students meet the demanding everyday costs of their education, including the sometimes overwhelming cost of books, computer supplies, and expenses when studying abroad, doing internships, or attending conferences off campus.
Applications are taken during the fall semester and awards made in December so that students will have funds at their disposal for the spring semester. Most recently, grants were made to Danielle Fahey, Gabrielle Sobolewski, and Jillian Wybenga.

Jan 2016 English Opportunity Award Winners:

Danielle Fahey — class of 2017

Gabrielle Sobolewski — class of 2018, member of Commonwealth College

Jillian Wybenga — class of 2106 English/Management double-major, member of Commonwealth College


May 2015 English Opportunity Awards:

Ashley McDermott — class of 2018, member of Commonwealth College

Mattie Adam — class of 2016

Steven Gillard — class of 2016 English/Communication double-major, member of Commonwealth College


2014 English Opportunity Award Winners:

Nicole Blackwood — class of 2015, English/ Early Childhood Education double-major

Thalia Peña — class of 2015 English/Communication double-major

Maxwell Heath — class of 2015, member of Commonwealth College


May 2013 English Opportunity Award Winners:

Meagan Fleming — class of 2014, English/French double-major, minor in Latin, member of Commonwealth College

Cassandra Duncanson  — class of 2014, English/Art History double-major, member of Commonwealth College

Gregory Schwartz — class of 2014

Aidan Stone — class of 2013


May 2012 English Opportunity Award Winners:

Brenna Gallo — class of 2013

Amanda Lavelle — class of 2013

Carl Mead — class of 2013, minor in political science

Lindsay Ormond — class of 2013, certificate in Native American Studies

May 2011 English Opportunity Award Winners:

Caitlin Gebhard — class of 2013, minor in French, member of Commonwealth College

Storie Libby — class of 2013, minors in Education and Spanish

Laura Lovett — class of 2013, minor in psychology, member of Commonwealth College

Katharine Wynkoop — class of 2012, English/Studio Arts double-major, member of Commonwealth College


May 2010 English Opportunity Award Winners:

Jane Derderian — class of 2011,English/Spanish double-major, minor in entemology

Rand Nashi — class of 2011, English/Psychology double-major, member of Commonwealth College

Amy Rafferty — class of 2010, member of Commonwealth College

Kaitlin Abrahamson — class of 2011

Veronica Lee — English/French double-major, certificate in International Relations