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Kate Artz

Josh Barsczewski

Ashley Canter

Robin Garabedian

Travis D. Grandy

Travis Grandy is a Doctoral student studying Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research areas include discourse & genre studies, disability & queer studies, writing in new media, and writing across the curriculum. Travis has taught courses on first year composition, writing in social media, and writing center studies. Travis is Assistant Director at the UMass Amherst Writing Center, and he also works as a coordinator for the UMass Junior Year Writing Program. Travis’s areas of interest outside of the academy include reading science fiction, modern & contemporary art, finding the best apple cider donuts in the Pioneer Valley (currently Mike's Maze in Sunderland, MA). Read more about him at his website,

Conference presentations, workshops, and awards:

  • Conference on College Composition and Communication, Houston, TX, Apr. 2016, "Articulating the Values of Writing Across the Curriculum"

  • Computers and Writing, Pullman, WA, June 2014, “Death of the Author 2.0 and Other Reflections on Design and Audience” 

  • Workshop attendee: “Organizing Discourse: Reading and Writing Institutional Histories of Rhetoric,” Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute, Spring 2015.

  • Michael Leff Award, Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute, Spring 2015. Writing Program.

  • Walker Gibson Prize for Graduate Writing in Composition and Rhetoric, UMass Amherst Department of English, 2013

Andrea Griswold

I have been teaching primarily middle school English for over twenty years, and I currently teach in Shelburne Falls, where I live with my husband and where we raised our five children. Because I am passionate about middle school, I have been connecting my studies to my teaching. My main area of interest is writing revision and how it supports a critical pedagogy. I aim to write my dissertation on the study that I will be conducting this year in my 8th grade classroom.

My family is my main interest outside of work and graduate school. I am also lucky to live near several places that sell top-notch soft serve ice cream.

Florianne Jimenez

I was born and raised in the Philippines, and my origins fuel a lot of my work. As I go through my coursework, I'm always thinking about how theories of writing and rhetoric can be informed by non-Western contexts of writing. I'm also interested in bringing postcolonial theory and writing studies together, specifically in the postcolonial neoliberal university setting. I recently presented at Watson Conference, Fall 2014. 

Outside of Comp/Rhet, I love to read anything and everything, but creative non-fiction and longform journalism are close to my heart. Creative writing has a pretty big influence on my life, and I'm always tinkering with a few pieces in my free time. Read Florianne's blog posts on Inside Higher Ed.

Mikala Jones

Elena Kalodner-Martin

Jenny Krichevsky

Jenny Krichevsky received her BA in English Literature and her MA in English with a specialization in Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Currently in at the comprehensive exams stage of the PhD, she is developing a dissertation project that investigates the ways in which transnational and multilingual families transmit literacy and language values across space and time, through generations and geopolitical boundaries. Jenny is also the Assistant Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at the UMass Amherst Writing Center, where she works with faculty, staff, and teaching graduate students to develop writing pedagogies in different departments. Outside of WAC work and comps, she spends time walking her puppy, scouting out the valley’s different fruit-picking spots, and invariably falling into various Twitter rabbit holes.

Publication: "Review: Other People’s English: Code-Meshing, Code-Switching, and African American Literacy, by Vershawn Ashanti Young, Rusty Barrett, Y’ShandaYoung-Rivera, and Kim Brian Lovejoy." Composition Studies, 43.2 (Fall 2015): 234-237. Print.

Presentations and Workshops:

  • Workshop attendee: “Transnational Feminist Rhetoric,” Rhetoric Society of America Summer Institute, Spring 2015.

  •  “‘Modern Democratic Friendship’ and the Exigence of Teaching Facebook.” Bridging the Gap: Integrating Social Media into the College Writing Classroom. Northeast Modern Language Association. Harrisburg, PA. April 2014.

  •  “The 'Marketable' Student-Citizen: Complicating Institutional Narratives Through Urban Writing Initiatives.” Knowledge, Capital, Critique: The University and the Humanities in the Ongoing Transformation of Capitalism. American Comparative Literature Association. New York City, NY. March 2014.

  • “Dialogue in the Blog: Re-Animating Dialogic Relations by Tracing Digital Genres.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Las Vegas, NV. March 2013.

  • “Discourses of Displacement: Jewish-American Autobiographies as Nodes of Access in Literacy Studies.” University of Massachusetts English Graduate Organization Conference. Amherst, MA. March 2013

Jeremy Levine

Kate Litterer

I am a MA/PhD student and am taking PhD coursework. I am interested in feminist and queer historiography, and have a particular interest in archival materials created by butch and femme queers from the 1940s and 1950s. I am invested in using feminist research methods and "queering the archive." I received my MFA in Poetry from the University of Massachusetts Program for Poets and Writers in 2013. My first book of poems, Ghosty Boo, will be published by A-Minor Press in October 2015.

I am invested in intentional community building and activism within queer and feminist communities. My interests outside of the academy include cooking and baking, crafting, and creative writing. My website is

Kelin Loe

In the final phase of PhD course work, I am working to understand the rhetorical landscapes of the posthuman subject. At stake in my work are othered, disabled, and non-human animal lives. I am interested in how sensation works rhetorically in systems of power to determine who's lives are of value and to expose experience of living. Beyond Comp/Rhet, I edit SPOKE TOO SOON: A Journal of the Longer, a digital poetry journal featuring the integration of sound and sighted language in poems that too long to be featured regularly in print journals ( ). I am a tour guide at the Emily Dickinson museum. I have a therapy rabbit, and she and I are working on target-training. For more, visit my website,

  • Conference Presentation: "Translating Description Across Time and Discipline: Description as a Process of Critical Awareness." University of Connecticut First-Year Writing Program Tenth Annual Conference. Spring 2015.

  • Publication: These Are the Gloria Stories. Poetry Collection. Factory Hollow Press. Fall 2014.

Liane Malinowski

I am a PhD Candidate in Composition and Rhetoric. My dissertation, "Women's Rhetorics of Space on Chicago's West Side, 1899-1910," is a historiography that explores the rhetorical practices of women who lived and worked at Hull House, a settlement house. Specifically, I examine Hull House women's claims to the spaces of home, neighborhood, and city. My areas of scholarly interest include feminist rhetorics, nineteenth-century rhetoric, rhetorics of space, and community literacy. Currently, I work as a writing consultant in the Graduate School's Office of Professional Development. Visit my website at

Rebecca McLaughlin

I'm a first year PhD student, still in my coursework stage. I graduated from Northeastern with my MA in English (with a Comp-Rhet focus.) I have many interests, some of which include: the displacement of writers and writing, the rhetoric of social movements, social media and its connection to writing and activism, literacy studies, multimodal composition, and Digital Humanities. Although my interests are varied, I am working towards sorting them into one larger project. While doing so, I'm using my time in coursework to try out different things and see what feels right!

When trying to find my life balance with work, I enjoy exercise disguised as fun, like Zumba, yoga, or hiking. I do also very much enjoy lounging with my 2 cats and watching Netflix.

Thomas John Pickering

I am a first year PhD student in rhetoric in composition. My interests are many and ever-shifting and include critical pedagogy, basic writing, literacy, rhetorical theory, class, technology and social theory, WPA subjectivities, labor in composition, rhetorics of space, and so on. I also have a deep interest in Marxist theory and practice and am currently working on an article on Marxist geographies and uneven development. Generally, I’m looking to find or articulate the intersections between Marxism and comp/rhet in my current papers and as a long-term project.

In the last year I was accepted into the program here at UMass, which I will count as a major achievement. I was also awarded the Moran-Herrington Fellowship, which I am excited about. Finally, in August 2014 I was accepted to present at the 2015 C's in Tampa on ESL pedagogies and acculturation.

Outside of academia, I play chess (badly) and am an enthusiastic socialist and activist.

Kyle Piscioniere

Tori Sheldon

Sarah Mazun Stetson

I came to the program in Composition and Rhetoric from Queens, NY, where I received an MFA in Poetry from Queens College, CUNY. For three years I taught writing (in a few of its varieties as we name them -- "composition"/"creative"/"poetry") as an adjunct lecturer at Queens College; I also worked as an administrative assistant at QC's Writing Across the Curriculum and Center for Teaching and Learning offices. I am now in my second year of MA/PhD coursework at UMass. My research interests are developing; in my most recent writing and reading I am asking questions about narratives of religious identity, representations of religion(s) in media, secularisms, and place studies. I am particularly curious about how student religious practices are or are not supported on the secular university campus.

I am a UConn Huskies basketball fan always excited to watch a game (and to talk about the politics of March Madness, the experience of student athletes in the university, and the relative lack of support for women's athletics). I am also a former intern at Rolling Stone and continue to be an avid listener (and amateur critic) of pop music.

Mitchell Wells