Career Pathways

A degree in English sets you up to enter a wide variety of career fields: public affairs, business, politics, education, administration, writing, editing or publishing. With this flexibility of career fields also comes a broad range of potential paths: UMass English majors have gone on to work for newspapers, government agencies, public and private schools, libraries, nonprofit organizations, television stations, publishing companies, magazines, broadcasting companies, and law firms. Others have continued their education in Ph.D. programs or professional schools. 


Career prep timeline

Students can use this page as a checklist and guide to help them prepare for their post-graduation careers. Refer to this checklist when registering for courses and meeting with your faculty advisor.

Freshman year  |  Sophomore year  |  Junior year  |  Senior year

Freshman year

  • Get your bearings. Go to office hours and meet your English professors.

  • Create a resume. Meet with our career advisor, Caroline Gould

  • Join an RSO. RSOs (registered student organizations) are a great way to explore your interests. Build your resume by your honing leadership, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.

  • Begin keeping a portfolio of your work. Create a folder somewhere on your computer, or in Box or Google Drive where you put a copy of your written work. This includes papers you write for classes, as well as extracurricular writing you do for internships, RSOs, digital media projects, or literary journals.

Sophomore year

Junior year

Senior year

  • Create a LinkedIn profile. Connect to your friends, mentors, and UMass groups (the UMass English Alumni group, for instance). Clean up your online presence.

  • Attend career fairs and networking events. Update your resume and CareerConnect profile. Begin looking at job ads and job search databases.

  • Begin applying for jobs. Read this job search handout. Some employers will make offers to students as early as fall, so it’s worth going to those fall job fairs and career events!