Board of Directors

The UMass EMS Board of Directors consists of 5 members in the following chain of command: Executive Director, Director of Operations, Director of Finance, Director of Administration, and Director of Training.

Along with the Executive Board, there are 5 administrative positions: Parliamentarian, CPR Chair, Initial Training Liaison, EMS Coordinator, and Information Technology Specialist.

Executive Director: Meghan Bernier

Office Hours: Friday 12:00-2:00pm

The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for overall administration and operation of UMEMS. The ED will schedule and run all meetings, oversee public and professional relations, coordinate Mission CPR, delegate tasks to other Directors and members and ensure smooth operation of the Unit at all times. The ED will establish short term and long term goals and objectives for UMEMS, and will adjudicate all matters not specifically covered in other Articles and Sections of the Charter.

Hello All! My name is Meghan Bernier and I am the 2015 Executive Director. I hail from Cherry Valley, Massachusetts in the Worcester area. I am a junior BDIC Major (Environmental and Infectious Disease Epidemiology) here, at UMass. I have been with UMEMS since the fall of 2012 and it has been absolutely fabulous! Outside of EMS I enjoy listening to reggae and reconnecting with nature. Tye-dye is my favorite color and love is my religion. I have aspirations to attend medical school and become a physician. I look forward to serving as your ED and I encourage you to contact me with any thoughts, concerns, comments or ideas. I promise to work with you all to allow this agency to grow and prosper, so do not hesitate to speak with me. Be well!

Director of Operations: Meghann Zapcic

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:00-6:00pm

The Director of Operations (DO) will assume the duties of the ED in the absence of the latter. The DO is responsible for scheduling, maintaining records of details worked to determine order of detail selection in accordance with Article VII Sec 1. The DO will be responsible for maintaining stocks of supplies to support UMEMS operations. The DO will assist the Director of Administration in issuing ID cards.

Hi everyone! My name Meghann Zapcic, and I'm very excited to be your Director of Operations for the next year! I'm from Lancaster, PA, and I'm a junior Psychology major on the Neuroscience track. I've been a member of UMEMS since Spring 2014 after taking the EMT class at UMass in the spring of 2013. I spend all my free time outside of working in this amazing agency between a Neurobiology lab on campus focusing on disease research in zebrafish, working for the Honors College on a student leadership team, ta'ing for two classes(one being the EMT class!), and riding ponies. I aspire to one day become a doctor. I cannot wait to work with you all!

Director of Finance: Nick Koenig

Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30-1:30pm

The Director of Finance (DF) will be in charge of ordering (writing and submitting purchase orders), coordinating monetary issues surrounding the EMT class, and general bookkeeping and account maintenance. The DF will have signature power and organize UMEMS fund raising activities. The DF, in coordination with the ED, DO, DT, and DA, will organize and write an annual budget to be submitted to the Student Government Association.


Director of Administration: Shauna Rice

Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:00-5:00pm

The Director of Administration (DA) will have primary responsibility to maintain UMEMS financial records. The DA will have signature power. DA will maintain copies of current certifications for all active members, and keep track of members with non-current certification. The DA will keep minutes of meetings, both general and executive, and will produce a newsletter summarizing each general meeting after each such meeting.

Hey everyone! My name is Shauna and I'm pumped to be your 2015 Director of Administration. I'm a biology major here at good ol' Umass hoping to one day work in the medical profession. I became an EMT back in the summer of 2013 and have loved every minute of it since. Aside from EMT, I work in a lab with moles (like the animal, not the skin blemish) and would consider becoming a surf bum if the medical field doesn't work out. Please feel free to come visit me in office hours or contact me with any questions, I promise I'm not scary!

Director of Training: Elizabeth Noyes

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm

The Director of Training (DT) will schedule, organize and oversee all training conducted by UMEMS. The goal of training will be to improve member's skills through practical exercises and to maintain knowledge and skills through continuing education. The DT, in cooperation with the ED, DO and DA will attempt to ensure that new members are scheduled with veteran members for the first two details all new members work. In addition the DT is the main contact for all business related to any EMT classes run by the UMass EMS.

Hello all! My name is Liz and I am a Neuroscience major from Harvard, MA. I have always had a passion for the medical field and my experience as an EMT here at UMass and for an outside agency has definitely solidified that interest! Outside of EMS, I love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. I am also the captain of my horse-back riding team on campus, the Dressage Team. As your Director of Training it is my hope to design a fun and educational training program that you all want to be a part of. Don't hesitate to contact me with any ideas you may have - I'd love to make them happen!

Administrative Staff

Parliamentarian: Cari Schmidt

The Parliamentarian will maintain the integrity of the UMEMS Constitution and assist the Executive Director with parliamentary procedures during all Unit meetings. The Parliamentarian will review all proposed constitutional amendments and present them to the Unit.

Hi Friends! My name is Cari and I am most excited to be your 2015 UMEMS Parliamentarian! I am a biology major from Sharon, MA on track to become some type of medical professional. Aside from working for UMEMS, I love to sit on the beach, when the weather is appropriate, and obsess over the Patriots. If you have questions about what goes on at meetings or about our agency’s charter, don’t hesitate to send me an email or stop by the office Fridays 1-2; I’d love to chat!

CPR Chair: Erica Nader

The CPR Chair works in conjunction with Director of Finance and the CPR Instructor to organize and run Mission CPR classes for the public.


Initial Training Liaison: Franco Palacios

The Initial Training Liaison (ITL) works side by side with the EMT Class instructor as the contact for the class and is responsible for all new applicants.


EMS Coordinator: J. Dominic Singh

The EMS Coordinator is responsible for keeping the agency and its members up to date and versed on all the new protocols and required competencies. The coordinator also takes the role of Incident Commander during large scale events and EMS operations.

Dominic Singh has been an active EMS provider for 18 years, the last 14 at the paramedic level. He has worked for a variety of collegiate, private, fire department, and non-profit EMS agencies throughout Massachusetts. He still works actively for both the Amherst Fire Department and Spencer EMS. He was hired as the first dedicated EMS Coordinator to UMass Amherst EMS in May of 2013.

Information Technology Specialist: Todd Morse

The Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist) is responsible in maintaining the website for the agency and keeping in contact with all of the Executive Board and Administrative Staff to update the site of any new information.

Hello. My name is Todd and I computer science major and a Junior. I have been with Umass EMS for about a year now and I am excited to be the IT specialist. I have a lot of new ideas to improve our information technology and I hope I can make our technology experience simple, good-looking, and professional. Please always feel free to get in touch with me. I generally answer emails pretty quickly.