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Conference Discussion Materials

Conference Discussion Draft & Position Papers:  

Ethan Katsh. "Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): Some Impressions and Observations." [PDF]

Leon Osterweil & Lori Clarke. (2009). "Continuous Process Improvement Applied to Health Care Related Disputes." [PDF]

Norman Sondheimer, Ethan Katsh, Lori Clarke, Leon Osterweil, & Daniel Rainey. (2009). "Dispute Prevention and Dispute Resolution in Networked Health Information Technology." [PDF]

For Tuesday morning's discussion with Dr. Halamka, please read the following:

    1. Boston Globe article  "Electronic health records raise doubt,"  April 13, 2009
    2. Boston Globe Editorial  "Diagnosis: Inaccuracy," April 24, 2009
    3. Dr. Halamka's blog entries on this case:
      a.) Lessons Learned from e Patient
      b.) Limitations of Administrative Data
      c.) Dispute Resolution in Healthcare
      d.) Follow Up On Dispute Resolution


Available Research

Many of you from the ADR/ODR and Computer Science community expressed an interest in looking beyond the public discussions of Health Information Technology to see where the State Of Art is for both Policy and Technology.  Let me suggest you look at  “The Common Framework: Networked Health Information” produced by the Markle Foundation with the assistance of several of the Healthcare participants in our workshop.   Go to this URL and look for the tab with the above title.  Both the “Connecting Professionals” and “Connecting Consumers” entries are worth looking at.

Included here are (all PDFs)
-       Dispute Resolution
-       Architecture for Privacy
-       Notification of Misuse
The American Health Information Management Association have given us a number of documents on different topics from their library (all PDFs):
Topic: General
-       HIM Principles in Health Information Exchange
Topic: Privacy and Security
-       Value of HIM in Privacy and Security Compliance
-       Privacy in the Spotlight
-       Privacy and Security in Health Information Exchange
-       Privacy and Security Solutions
-       Addressing California’s New Privacy Laws
-       Data Breach Checklist
-       Handling a Security Breach_ Lessons Learned
-       Sounding the Alarm: Knowing When to Notify Patients of a Data Breach
Topic: Data Quality and Data Corruption
-       A New Focus on Process and Measure
-       Guarding Against Data Corruption
-       Driving Decisions with Data
-       Data Standards, Data Quality, and Interoperability
-       Data Quality Management Model
Topic: Managing Complaints and Litigation
-       Delegating Complaint Line Responsibilities
-       Developing a Litigation Response Plan
-       Litigation Response Plan
-       Litigation Response Planning and Policies for E-Discovery



Confirmed Participant List:

Kirk Emerson, University of Arizona
Joshua Gordon, Part of the Solution, ADR Services
Ethan Katsh, National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Deborah Laufer, U.S. Air Force
Troy Morgan, GE Healthcare
Daniel Rainey, National Mediation Board
Janet Rifkin, National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Colin Rule, eBay and PayPal
Leah Wing, National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Computer Science
Larry Brandt, National Science Foundation
Lori A. Clarke, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Noshir Contractor, Northwestern University
Artur Dubrawski, Carnegie Mellon University
Ed Durfee, University of Michigan
Lee Giles, Penn State University
Carl Gunter, University of Illinois
Leon J. Osterweil, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Andy Podgurski, Case Western Reserve University
Norman Sondheimer, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Health Care
Dr. Peter Basch, Medstar Health
MSG Michael Caldwell, Army Medical Command
Vizma Carver, ONC/NHIN
Scott Cooper, ANSI
Jodi Daniels, Department of Health and Human Services
Teresa Foley, Army Medical Command
Dr. John Halamka, Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Glen Marshall, Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel
Deven McGraw, Center for Democracy & Technology
Steve Posnack, Department of Health and Human Services
Joy Pritts, Georgetown University
Dr.  Walter Suarez, Public Health Data Standards Consortium
Stefan Verhulst, Markle Foundation
Lydia Washington, American Health Information Management Association