Chelsea Mullins raises awareness about hunger through art

Students in Momodou Sarr’s class at Amherst Regional High School spent the spring semester learning about the root causes of hunger and solutions to reducing it.

Through a project designed by Chelsea Mullins, College of Education Master’s student in the Social Justice Education concentration, the high school students created paintings, drawings and collages depicting their own visions for ending hunger. The art will be exhibited at the Jones Library in Amherst, as a part of the town’s seasonal Art Walk. The students will also donate their art to The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts for use in a Hunger Advocacy and Education Campaign. The Food Bank plans to incorporate the art into postcards to send to local, state and national representatives urging them to take action against hunger, said Mullins.

Mullins’ project is part of her student teaching practicum. One of the principles of teaching for social justice is "working in reciprocal partnership with student’s communities, to teach community-related skills, and to teach about historical and contemporary activism, power, and inequity in schools and societ" said Mullins, quoting her teacher, Dr. Alison George Dover, a lecturer in COE’s Student Development and Pupil Personnel Services Department. The collaborative project between the University of Massachusetts Amherst College of Education, Amherst Regional High School students and staff, and the staff at the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts seeks to honor those principles, Mullins said.