Barbosa is Visiting Scholar from Brazil

Roberto G. Barbosa is a visiting scholar who is a doctoral student in science education at the University of Londrina in Brazil. He is the recipient of a full fellowship from the Brazilian government as a part of its Science Without Borders scholarship initiative. According to the Brazilian government’s website, “Science Without Borders (SWB) is a program funded by the Brazilian R&D agencies CNPq and CAPES, which seeks to promote the internationalization and expansion of science and technology, and to foster innovation and competitiveness through the exchange of Brazilian and international researchers and students. SWB offers 75,000 (US$ 1.7 Billion) scholarships over four years to promote student and researchers exchange. The program funds tuition and scholarships to enable Brazilian graduate and undergraduate students to study abroad.”

Barbosa is here to study with professor Florence Sullivan, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies (TECS), mathematics, science and learning technology (MSLT) concentration. Sullivan and Barbosa are working on a literature review of collaborative creativity in K16 settings. Barbosa is also auditing MSLT courses and attending TECS academic community events.


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