Travel Grant Program

College of Education - Department Travel Grant Information 2017-18

To assist graduate students in their efforts to establish themselves and acquire valuable experiences in their respective fields, the College of Education strives to support graduate student travel for presentations at conferences, professional meetings, and exhibitions.

Enrolled, matriculated graduate students (including those on Program Fee/Continuous Enrollment) are eligible for travel funding. Applicants must be accepted or invited to present their work at a conference, professional meeting, or exhibition and must provide verification. These funds are not designed to cover research related expenses.

The review and selection process is managed by the individual departments within the College of Education. Funds are awarded to cover travel taking place during the current academic year (fall 2017-spring 2018). Students who anticipate conference travel in summer 2018 may apply for  reimbursement in the following academic year during the fall 2018 application period. Funds may not be carried over from one academic year to the next.

Travel grant information and application procedures are outlined on the new student travel grant guidelines.

2017-18 Student Travel Grant Guidelines

Applications must be submitted using the online student travel grant application form:

2017-18 Student Travel Grant Application

For additional information please contact one of the following: Educational Policy, Research and Administration – Jennie Southgate  Student Development – Judy Pierce  Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies – John Ciampa