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Program Mission

The training program in School Psychology at the University of Massachusetts is based on an ecologically oriented, scientist-practitioner training model. The Program's educational philosophy holds as a basic premise that high quality professional training requires graduate student immersion in faculty supervised, pre-professional activities including course work, service delivery, and research. The mission of our training program is to prepare professionals who:

  1. Practice school psychology with sensitivity to the individual case, paying careful attention to relevant features of individual history, culture, and context, and the person's educational, social, behavioral, and emotional needs.
  2. Practice school psychology within an ecological, problem-solving approach using evidence-based practices to address the educational, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of individuals or groups, and to promote healthy development of all children, students, and families.
  3. Practice school psychology using evidence-based prevention and intervention practices to address the educational and social needs of school systems, families, and communities, emphasizing system level applications.
  4. Practice school psychology consistent with the ethical quidelines of the American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists, and consistent with State and Federal Law.
  5. Contribute to the professional knowledge base of school psychology with an emphasis on assessment, prevention, and intervention practices, by conducting valid and meaningful research, and engaging in professional dissemination activities.
  6. Provide leadership in the field of school psychology at local, state, regional, and national levels.